These are the Netflix movies that are released from September 26 to 29

In the coming days, Netflix will continue to release more content on its streaming platform so that all its subscribers can enjoy the series and movies that will be coming to the platform.

That is why today in American Post News we will talk about everything that arrives in the last week of September, both series and movies.

So we ask you to prepare the popcorn or the snack that you prefer to enjoy these premieres.

Premieres coming to Netflix from September 26 to 29

Netflix has something for its subscribers even in the last week of September

For these last days of the month, outstanding titles are expected to arrive, including some original productions with which Netflix hopes to keep its subscribers happy.

During this week Netflix will release two excellent movies, one about a marriage facing a terrible battle, the other is a tape that tells the life of a famous celebrity.

While in the series section, the platform bets on a vintage one that promises to position itself as one of the most viewed of it.

Grace and Courage

We start the list with this inspiring drama and romance film that is based on real events, and narrates what life is like for a couple that is shaken on their honeymoon, because one of them is diagnosed with cancer, so together They will fight to overcome this challenge and show that they are together through thick and thin.

Blonde/ Blonde

The long-awaited biopic about the controversial life of Marylin Monroe will arrive on Netflix on September 28, this film seeks to show the person in a more real way and not the famous celebrity, so we will learn more about the life of the famous actress.

The Empress

For lovers of period series, this Netflix production tells the story of Elizabeth of Bavaria, better known as Sissi, and who is considered the last empress of Europe, although she is remembered for having unparalleled beauty, her life was surrounded heartbreak and melancholy until his tragic death.

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More movies on Netflix

If for some reason you are still looking for what to watch on the streaming platform, remember that we have published the complete list of premieres on Netflix for the month of September, but here are some options that you might like.

Lou can be a good option if what you like is Thriller, as it shows the strength of a mother who tries to rescue her daughter who is apparently kidnapped by her own husband, the woman will have to race against the clock to save her daughter. his daughter.

Another option is the movie Secrets, lies, passions and jazz. Those who are fans of the most classic stories will see in this story set in the 40’s a torrid romance between a couple who shouldn’t fall in love.

Now if you are looking for some entertainment and you are a fan of Japanese culture FullMetal Alchemist: The Final Alchemy could be your movie of choice, this is a live-action movie inspired by the FullMetal Alchemist franchise.

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