These are the Netflix series that you cannot miss in the month of October

After the low results obtained with the premieres of the series in September, the well-known streaming platform Netflix will arrive with new productions for the month of octoberbeing its main genre terror, followed by mystery.

In American Post News we know that for many the month of October is a kind of door for the long-awaited night of Halloweenbecause with this we give way to the different customs that we have in the different States of the Mexican Republic such as the traditional day of the dead.

Likewise, for Yucatecan families these dates refer to the arrival of the famous mucbipollowhich consists of a kind of tamale that is prepared with lard, epazote, chili, tomato and chicken among many other things and is baked in a “GDP” which is a fairly typical earthen oven used in our region.

Series that will premiere on Netflix in October

Luis Gerardo Méndez in the series “Belascoarán” Netflix series “Stranger Things”

There is a wide variety of series that you can watch on the Netflix platform from October 2nd as is the case with “You always reign” either “The Midnight Club” the day 7 of the same month.

Also, we share some series that have been the most anticipated by users.

  • Belascoaran on October 12
  • 28 paranormal days on October 21
  • Guillermo del Toro’s cabinet of curiosities on October 25
  • The bastard son and the devil himself on October 28
  • The love between the fairy and the devil on October 30

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What is the most watched series in the world on Netflix?

Netflix series “Stranger Things”

One of the series that has caused the most sensation on Netflix has undoubtedly been “Stranger Things”, which has been climbing the popularity charts after the premiere of its last season.

However, the famous series was also very successful at the time. “The Squid Game”as it was implemented by many followers as a strategy, using it as a means of advertising and even to create memes.

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