These are the reasons for shortage of baby formula in the United States

United States.- The crisis of formula shortage for babies in the United States, has caused great concern in parents as the days continue to advance and there is no solution to the problem, but what is causing the problem? shortage of this food.

The scarcity of baby formulais due to supply chain disruptions, a February recall and the closure of a manufacturing plant. Abbott Nutrition in Michigan.

Faced with this situation, the parents have managed to feed their childrenmany of them have traded, sold and offered leftover supplies to each other, while President Joe Biden plans to speak to manufacturers and retailers on Thursday about the plight families are facing.

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The shortage is particularly affecting low-income families after the manufacturer of abbott formulas withdraw the product due to contamination problems. That recall eliminated many brands covered by WIC, a federal food stamp-like program that serves mothers, infants and children, though the program now allows brand-name substitutes.

Shortages of basic goods have been a problem since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020. Access to medical supplies, computer chips, home appliances, cars and other goods has been affected by factory closures and outbreaks of the coronavirus. viruses, as well as by storms. and other weather-related events.

The Food and Drug Administration warned consumers on February 17 to avoid some products from powdered baby formula from a Sturgis, Michigan facility run by Abbott Nutrition, which then went on a voluntary recall.

According to findings released in March by federal safety inspectors, Abbott did not maintain sanitary conditions and procedures at the plant, according to what was published by The Associated Press.

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fda said it was working with American manufacturers to increase your production and streamline paperwork to allow more imports. The agency noted that supply chain issues associated with the pandemic were part of the problem, and that consumers bought more baby formula in April than in the month before the recall.

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