They accuse her of wanting to “overshadow” her sister on her girlfriend’s day for losing 100 pounds

No doubt the brides, more than the boyfriends, they are usually the center of attention on their wedding day, largely thanks to the dress chosen for such an important ceremony.

No bride would like to take a backseat on the most important day of her life because of a guest who may attract more attention than her.

On the subject, a post made on Reddit recently went viral, where A woman used the famous site to vent after she was accused of wanting to “overshadow” her own sister on her wedding day, when she appeared that day with 100 pounds less.

“I Am The A ** hole” is how this 28-year-old woman titled her release post, where she asked the opinion of other users regarding whether her sister is right or not to be very upset with her.

It turns out that The woman does not live in the same locality as her family and this, plus the coronavirus pandemic, has kept her away from them in the last year and a half. In addition, he does not like to post things about his private life on social networks, so no one knew of his physical transformation, the only thing that came to comment to them is that he had made decisions to be healthier but he did not comment on his weight loss because in previous attempts he had failed.

His 26-year-old younger sister got engaged last year and just 2 weeks before her wedding, she decided to go visit her to talk with her details about the event, a finding that did not have the expected result.

“My sister was scared when she saw me. Turns out he gained a little weight and I don’t notice much of it, he still looks great. But I think this is the first time in our lives that I am thinner than her, I have always been the fat sister. In essence she accused me of trying to overshadow her and my parents are on her side. I’m not really sure if I’m wrong here, as many members of my family side with him, ”the woman explained.

The publication has received more than 3,500 comments where some recommended that she resolve the situation with her sister and that she understand her because the wedding could generate a lot of stress while others advise her to move away from her family because it seems not to be a good thing for her.

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