They accuse Wanda Nara of plagiarizing the design of a bikini from their new line of swimsuits

Wanda Nara, wife of Mauro Icardi.

Photo: REUTERS / Alberto Lingria / Grosby Group

After the scandal that had her as one of the protagonists, Wanda nara decided to launch her own line of bikinis called Wanda Swim. Now an entrepreneur accuses her of copying one of her designs and puts Mauro Icardi’s wife in check.

Luciana Danduono, founder of the Mumbai Bikinis brand, told her 37,000 followers that Wanda had copied her “Ingrid” model. “I’m outraged because she is a girl who can easily pay for a designer, someone who takes care of everything … I can’t believe it!”, She posted on her Instagram stories.

“I know where the thing comes from. I’m sure that the one he’s wearing is directly a sample of mine, it’s not a sample that he copied the same way, ”Luciana explained in several videos. “It is a model designed within our offices, by our designersIt is not a model that we have taken from nowhere, we made them two years in a row with two different suppliers ”, he explained, showing a screenshot that indicated that the bikini was ready last May.

“I expected it from a small entrepreneur but not from her. It is our design. She is a girl who can afford a designer, I can’t believe it. I already know that I can’t do anything because I have to patent the models but no, impunity blocks, ”Luciana concluded.

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