They appear dancing in the middle of the program

  • Adamari López appears dancing with Lorenzo Méndez
  • Followers affirm that they would make a beautiful couple
  • What’s between Lorenzo Méndez and Jessica Díaz?

Adamari López turns on social networks by appearing dancing with Chiquis Rivera‘s ex, Lorenzo Méndez, causing many followers to argue that both looked really happy after the difficult moments that both went through after their separation with their respective partners, will it be a new beginning for both? Or is there a relationship beyond the professional between the singer and Jessica Díaz?

It was a few weeks ago when the program “Así se baila” began, a contest where various artists show their dancing skills to reach the precious final, all under the critical eye of the competition judges, Adamari López, Mariana Seoane and Christian de la Fuente, who week after week give their criticisms until they reach a winner.

Adamari López appears dancing with Lorenzo Méndez

VIDEO: Instagram

After this, a lot began to be rumored about the possible relationship that exists between Chiquis Rivera’s ex, the singer Lorenzo Méndez, and the Mexican actress, Jessica Díaz, all this after showing the incredible chemistry they have when dancing, and without forgetting the last kiss they had at the end of their dance, something that completely “freaked out” everyone.

On the occasion of this program, today Lorenzo Méndez and Jessica Díaz appeared in the program “Hoy Día”, where the adorable short girl, Adamari López, is as host, who along with the host Chiquibaby, dancing and taking out the “dances prohibited ”during the broadcast.

Taking out the “forbidden steps”, Adamari López appears with Lorenzo Méndez dancing

Taking out the
VIDEO: Instagram

In the video, which was shared through the Instagram account of the “Hoy Día” program, it is possible to see the following formation; Lorenzo Méndez with his dance partner Jessica Díaz, while in the back, following in his footsteps were the conductors Chiquibaby and Adamari López, while the challenge of the song “Báilame suavecito”.

During the clip, everyone is seen enjoying this moment, while Adamari López and Lorenzo Méndez danced with a big smile, which appeared after the difficult moments they had to go through after separating from their respective partners. This video managed to collect more than 18 thousand likes within hours of being shared.

“La Chiquis has not to take off from the TV”, they affirm when seeing Lorenzo Méndez dancing with Adamari López

VIDEO: Instagram

Of course, the millions of followers of the program “Hoy Día” did not want to remain without saying anything, and in the comments section they highlighted how happy everyone was dancing, especially Adamari López and Lorenzo Méndez: “Adamari López seems like all a little doll ”,“ I love the two of them together ”,“ I love them all, but more Adamari. She is very pretty, God bless her ”.

However, a follower pointed out that allegedly Jenni Rivera‘s daughter, Chiquis “has not to take off from television in order to see Lorenzo:“ Chiquis will not take off from television watching the program, and seeing her beloved Lorenzo ”, causing the occasional mockery from another follower. It will be possible?

They dance ‘la quebradita’ on another occasion and Adamari López almost hanged Lorenzo Méndez

They dance 'la quebradita' on another occasion and Adamari López almost hanged Lorenzo Méndez
VIDEO: Instagram

It should be noted that this has not been the only time that we see Lorenzo Méndez and Adamari López dancing together, since it was at the end of September when the beautiful Puerto Rican danced with the singer the classic Mexican dance “la quebradita”, in where much was stated jokingly that “Adamari López was hanging Lorenzo.”

The publication was also shared by the morning program, where the driver can be seen dancing with a fitted pink dress, while holding on tight to Lorenzo Méndez, who seemed to show her a bit of these complicated steps, in the background you can see a group of mariachis, who wait attentively to play.

“I’m very happy to see him happy,” they say to Lorenzo Méndez when they see him with Adamari López

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Before this video, again several followers highlighted how happy Lorenzo Méndez was, something that in their opinion had not happened since his controversial divorce with Jenni Rivera’s daughter, Chiquis Rivera: “I love to see Lorenzo happy, it has been a long time since he I was like that ”, to which another girl replied:“ Oh, like me, he looks like a very good and humble boy, he deserves to always be happy ”.

Another follower said that he really liked the couple that Lorenzo Méndez and Adamari López would make: “I love this couple, they are a beautiful couple”, to which several dismayed followers wondered if they were really dating. More So what happens between him and Jessica Diaz? VIDEO HERE OF ADAMARI AND LORENZO DANCING LA QUEBRADITA

What about the singer and Jessica Díaz?

What about the singer and Jessica Díaz?
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Despite the fact that Lorenzo Méndez has stayed away from relationships for the moment, much has been said about the alleged relationship he has with his dance partner Jessica Díaz, former actor Jose Ron, and it is that all this began after users They will notice the great chemistry between them, without forgetting the tremendous kiss that the singer gave him on the mouth at the end of his participation.

Faced with these questions, it was the same Mexican actress who spoke to People VIP and clarified once and for all this misunderstanding, arguing that she and Lorenzo were just friends: “Just as you were left with your mouths open, the video is very clear as I also was left with my mouth open. (The kiss) It was a surprise for me, it caught me off guard ”. VIDEO HERE OF LORENZO DANCING TODAY

Would you also make a nice couple with Jessica Díaz?

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Finally, Jessica Díaz affirmed that she and Lorenzo Méndez are just friends, only that since they already knew each other before entering the contest, it had not been difficult to tie: “We are very good friends. I admire Lorenzo, I respect him, he has a beautiful heart and ‘Así se baila’ has given us the opportunity to get to know each other more because we were already friends before ”, commented Jessica Díaz, when asked if she and Lorenzo were more than friends .

Of course, these statements have not prevented followers from being firm with their beliefs, stating that the former vocalist of La Banda el Limón, and the Mexican actress have very good chemistry, which they show every week during their dances in the contest “Así you dance ”, which is broadcast on the Telemundo network.

“We were friends, but this program has done us more than that,” revealed Lorenzo

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Before the video of Adamari López dancing with Lorenzo Méndez on the program “Hoy Día” appeared, a video was revealed in which the singer affirmed that he and Jessica Díaz were more than friends, something that undoubtedly caused all kinds of rumors to the respect. It was through the account of @ chamonic3 where it was possible to see a video where supposedly Lorenzo Méndez revealed the whole truth.

In the video it is possible to see how Lorenzo Méndez revealed his feelings with Jessica, confessing that they were “more than friends”: “We were friends, but this program has given us that, that now we are much more than friends, I don’t know I love her very much, I thank God who came into my life, especially in this time that has not been easy for me and it is the truth ”.

Will the relationship between Lorenzo Méndez and Jessica Díaz be pure rating?

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After these words, Jessica Díaz did not want to remain silent, confessing that she will always be supporting him, reaffirming her words said later in People VIP: “Well, I’m there, supporting him, listening to him, and exactly, we knew each other as two friends from the artistic medium, that sometimes relationships are usually cold, of admiration, but ‘Así se baila’ has given us a complicity ”, confessed the Mexican actress.

Before this video, Chamonic wrote the following message at the bottom: “Tell me they need rating, without telling me they need it. Lorenzo admits that according to him and Jessica Díaz they are more than friends, but recently he was with a girl named Jessica with whom he had a relationship of several months, I think that his ex’s tricks caught up with him, as long as he does not heal completely and they bury his past they will never find happiness (…) “

Lorenzo Méndez gives Jessica Díaz a tremendous kiss on the stage of ‘Así se baila’

Lorenzo Méndez gives Jessica Díaz a tremendous kiss on the stage of 'Así se baila'
VIDEO: Instagram

It should be noted that this video could belong to an interview with La Opinion de Los Angeles, where Lorenzo Méndez and Jessica Díaz revealed many things regarding their participation, as well as the reason why the singer and former member of ‘La Banda el Limón ‘had kissed his partner on stage:

“Well, obviously in the networks people want to see us happy, we are two single couples, obviously they want to unite us, and as Jessica said, we must obviously take care of our friendship. I gave him the kiss that they wanted so much on the cheek, and why not on the little mouth ”, before this Jessica asks,“ Do you kiss all your friends like that?