They are looking for a California warehouse manager who stole $1 million in Covid tests

Police in Santa Ana, Southern California, are searching for a warehouse manager who is accused of stealing more than $1 million worth of COVID-19 tests from his employer.

Carlitos Peralta, 33, was a warehouse manager for the Covid Clinic in Santa Ana. He had access to the company’s shipping and delivery system and made nearly 100 shipments of COVID tests to his home from various warehouses, according to the Santa Ana police. The evidence has an estimated value of $1,000,575, police said.

The company that was robbed owns seven warehouses across the country, each storing and shipping COVID tests to clinics, temporary testing sites, schools and hotels, according to police.

Anyone with information about Peralta or his whereabouts is asked to contact Santa Ana Police Detective Rashad Wilson at 714-254-8551 or by email at [email protected]

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