They are the first nominees in “The House of Famous 2”

The first six nominees have been revealed. “The House of Celebrities 2”those celebrities who are at risk of dropping out of the competition in their first week of broadcasts.

Chain Telemundo A tremendous success was scored with the broadcast of the first season, so in the second broadcast they will seek to repeat the same formula facing controversial figures from the international show business.

Even having confrontations like Laura Bozzo’s with Niurka Marcos, the American television station has placed the main search trends on social networks, meanwhile AmericanPost.News informs you.

The show’s first nominees

The first nominees of the program How to vote in “The House of Celebrities 2”?

Like everything good reality show The first nominees for this second season have already been announced, we will start below

Nacho Casano, Osvaldo Ríos, Juan Vidal, Toni Costa, Mayeli Alonso and Laura Bozzo the first six celebrities nominated in this second season.

In social media They even mentioned who they are. weakest links and above all who is your favorite to be saved in the first week, in the case of Laura Bozzo which even now has become the queen of memes about the show.

How to vote in “The House of Celebrities 2”?

How to vote in “The House of Celebrities 2”?

To vote for the celebrity you want to eliminate in the first week of the reality show, you must pay attention to the following indications.

You will need to go to the website Telemundo.comgo to the so-called section and then click on the image of the celebrity you want to delete.

The results of first eliminated from “The House of Celebrities 2” will be announced this Friday, May 13, as well as in AmericanPost.News.

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