They arrest a foreigner, responsible for shooting a cyclist in Mérida

A few moments ago, elements of the State Investigation Police (PEI) they stopped to the Foreign who shot yesterday evening at a cyclist in the Historic Center of Merida, with which it was confirmed that the armed attack is not related to organized crime.

According to reports at the scene, the detention of the gunman was achieved by executing a search warrant on a property on 70th Street between 73 and 75, a block and a half from the place where the events that shocked the Yucatecan capital occurred on Christmas Eve.

The foreigner’s shooting against a cyclist from Mérida occurred yesterday Monday afternoon. The foreigner’s arrest came after a search warrant on a property in downtown Mérida.

Likewise, it was unofficially reported that the truck in which the now was traveling was located on the premises. arrested, who is known by the road as the “Gringo” and possible responsible for attacking a man named Pablo GL on Calle 68 by 71 of the Centro de Merida yesterday Monday afternoon.

It should be noted that the arrest of the gunman occurs hours after the video was released, which was taken from a surveillance camera of a private property, in which the moment in which he shoots his victim with a pistol on the aforementioned street in the heart of Mérida.

In the recording you can see the moment when the cyclist exchanges a few words with the crew of a truck and after several seconds, one of the occupants fires the firearm against Pablo, who falls injured to the ground, while watching the truck immediately flee the scene.

Armed attack in Mérida starring a ‘Gringo’

The foreigner’s arrest came after a search warrant on a property in downtown Mérida.

As reported AmericanPost.News, the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) issued a statement in which it ruled out that the event had to do with organized crime, as was announced yesterday, even stated that the crime was being investigated to clarify the facts and give with the person or persons responsible.

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Regarding Pablo, the cyclist injured in one of the streets of MeridaIt is known that he is admitted to a hospital, however, the state of health has not been revealed, much less are the reasons why the “Gringo” used a firearm against this person yesterday Monday.

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