They arrest a man with mental problems after stabbing a child in a Madrid school

The subject had only been in Spain for 8 days before stabbing the boy outside a school in Madrid.

Photo: OSCAR DEL POZO / AFP / Getty Images

The National Police of Spain arrested a man for being the alleged person responsible for attacking a seven-year-old boy with a knife to the neck at the door of the Hasting School, in the Madrid district of Chamartín.

According to the newspaper The world In Spain, the attack occurred on December 10 when the primary school students had finished physical education class and were moving back to the center.

The man only saw the boy and pounced on him, who was also the last in line. After stabbing him in the neck, he fled the scene.

The authorities went to the scene to take DNA samples, which they sent to the General Police Station of the Scientific Police.

After arduous investigations, officials managed to capture the subject this Wednesday afternoon in the center of Madrid.

Likewise, it was learned that despite the fact that the agents have tried to take a statement about the facts from the man, they have realized that he is unable to offer testimony because he suffers from mental problems.

The child remained two days in the Intensive Care Unit and two more days admitted to the children’s ward of the Hospital de La Paz.

It was also known that the alleged perpetrator would have arrived in Spain on December 2, just eight days before the attack, sources of the investigation have informed EFE.

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