They arrest the Hispanic who shot and killed a man in a wheelchair in Texas

The victim had suffered a leg injury and therefore was in a wheelchair.

Photo: Steve Buissinne / Pixabay

A man of Latino origin was arrested by the Houston police for being responsible for the death of a disabled person a month ago.

The police report details that last April, a man identified as Miguel Ángel Nicanor Bartolo entered a bar, where David Prosecutor Ortega was, who was having a good time, the man I was in a wheelchair due to an injury to his legs.

For no apparent reason, Nicanor Bartolo put on a mask and approached Prosecutor Ortega to detonate your firearm. Those in charge of the place called the emergency room to report the shooting, the newspaper Mundo Hispánico reported.

The agents arrived at the bar called Titanes Grill Sports in the southwest of the city where they found David Fiscal gunned down lying on the ground. When the medical assistants arrived he was pronounced dead at the crash site.

Officers called the Homicide Department to launch an investigation. Detectives questioned witnesses at the scene, who reported that for no apparent reason, the man approached and without saying anything he shot him. The victim was calm talking with the people who accompanied him.

The Homicide Department, along with the Houston police and gang task force, searched for the accused following the description that the witnesses had made, as well as reviewing the security cameras, both from the bar and the surrounding streets.

After a month, the authorities found the whereabouts of Miguel Ángel Nicanor Bartolo, who he resisted arrest and tried to flee, but after a chase he was arrested by the anti-gang team and taken into custody, the same media outlet.

Nicanor Bartolo has a long criminal history ranging from carrying firearms, robbery, violence, among others. Hispanic was accused of murder in second degree and awaits a court date.

According to the laws in Texas, the crime of homicide is punishable by a sentence of between 20 and 99 years in prison. The defendant will have to answer for the death of the person who was also of Latino origin.

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