They ask to remove Prince Andrew as Duke of York, England

London.- Less than 24 hours after Queen Elizabeth II decided withdraw his son Prince Andrew his military titles and his royal patronages, various public representatives from York, England they asked today to strip him of the dukedom of that locality, after being accused in the United States of sexual abuse of a minor.

Among those critical voices was that of the Labor MP Rachael Maskell, who in a message on Twitter considered “Untenable” that Prince Andrew remains Duke of York, as it is better known by a large part of public opinion.

“It is untenable for the Duke of York to cling to his title for another day – this association with York must end,” wrote Maskell, MP for York Central constituency.

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For this parliamentarian, the accusations against Andrés of having abused Virginia Giuffre when she was 17 years old, through Ghislaine Maxwell and her ex-lover, businessman Jeffrey Epstein, are “a very serious allegation against this privileged man.”

Maskell also recalls that his public tasks include cooperating with the corresponding agencies to address the issue of sexual violence.

Maskell’s words came after similar ones pronounced by the councilman darryl smalley, of the city council of that same city, who He also asked that Andrew be stripped of the title of Duke of York, one of the most prestigious of the English nobility. and that traditionally usually carries the second male child of the monarch.

Smalley, of the Liberal Democrat Party, recalled that, although the Duke “remains innocent until proven guilty”, Buckingham Palace and the British Government “must weigh the consequences of these worrying accusations”.

“York’s unique connection to the crown and monarchy is an important part of the city’s legacy and history and a great source of pride,” he told a local newspaper.

For Smalley, “no one is above the law”, so “all allegations must be investigated”, in reference to Giuffre’s accusations.

Buckingham announced Thursday that Isabel II had approved that all military titles be withdrawn from his second son – supposedly his favorite – after more and more members of the Armed Forces had complained that it dishonored them and that some 152 veterans had signed a letter with that same request.

The palace specified that “the Duke of York will continue without exercising any public function and will defend his (judicial) case as a private citizen”, while he will not be able to use the title of “His Royal Highness”.

Giuffre breaks the silence

Precisely Giuffre, the victim of sexual abuse, spoke today on Twitter to congratulate the decision of the American judge Lewis Kaplan this week to continue with the case against the son of the Queen isabel II.

Giuffre, who now lives in Australia, insisted, as he has also done recently through his lawyers, that with his civil suit against Prince Andrew he does not seek profit, but “do justice.”

“My purpose has always been to show that the rich and powerful are not above the law and must be held accountable,” he wrote in a message thread, as rumors grow in the UK that Andrew would want to seek an out-of-court settlement to avoid undergo a public trial.

The woman, who is 38 years old today, maintains that the Duke of York abused her when she was a minor on at least three occasions, something that Prince Andrew has always denied.

The British media these days are echoing the growing isolation to which Prince Andrew is subjected within the royal family, with one notable exception, that of his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, whom he divorced more than a quarter of a century ago. but with whom he continues to apparently maintain an excellent relationship.

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“Fergie” herself recently declared on Italian television, when it was already suspected that Andrés would be prosecuted in the United States, that she remains “100% by his side.”