They assure that Carmen Muñoz will earn almost the same salary as Andrea Legarreta as the host of ‘Hoy’

Carmen Muñoz.

Photo: Archive / Reform Agency

After several weeks of speculation, finally Carmen Munoz announced his return to Televisa and did so through the front door, since everything seems to indicate that will join the list of drivers of the program ‘Hoy‘, where it is ensured you will get a juicy salary.

Last Friday, January 7, Carmen Muñoz reappeared in one of the most watched programs on Televisa, and although she was only announced as a guest host, several media assure that she will be permanently integrated into the cast, where she will share the screen with Galilea Montijo, Andrea Legarreta, Tania Rincon, Andrea Escalona placeholder image, Raul Araiza, Arath of the Tower Y Paul stanley.

However, his arrival aroused new rumors and among the most famous are the salary he would receive for being part of the morning film produced by Andrea Rodríguez.

The first to ensure that the former presenter of ‘Enamorándonos’ and ‘Al Extremo’ was not satisfied with what TV Azteca was offering to renew his contract was Juan José Origel, for which he would have received other proposals, one of them from Televisa in where they finally offered him a luxury salary.

Who also confirmed this version was the journalist Michelle Rubalcava, who through her YouTube channel revealed that someone who works at Televisa told her that Carmen Muñoz will have a salary similar to that of Andrea Legarreta, who is the second highest paid female host within the San Angel television station.

The salary they pay him is more or less close to what Andrea Legarreta earns. I have always managed different figures of what you earn, They have told me that Galilea earns more than conductors on Televisa. There is Galilea and then Andrea Legarreta comes, but with all the boom that Carmen Muñoz has had to keep her happy, they will give her a lower salary, but almost the same, so it is a very good salary ”, said the host of ‘El Mich Tv’.

And although at that time he did not specify the figure that the driver could acquire annually, they assure it is an approximate amount of $ 800 thousand Mexican pesos, something like a $ 40 thousand dollars, because according to the portal Ella + e, Andrea Legarreta’s salary amounts to $ 42,500 a year.

For its part, through a press release, Carmen Muños revealed that during the time she was away from the screen she received different job offers, but it was thanks to the facilities offered by Televisa that he decided to return after 16 years.

“During this time I was fortunate to receive job proposals, for which I am very grateful. However, together with my Make It Prensa agency, we made the decision to return to Televisa, a company where I worked 16 years ago and which has provided me with all the facilities, support and above all time2, the statement published on last January 6.

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