They assure that Chiquis Rivera got engaged to her boyfriend in a very romantic dinner

Chiquis Rivera showed a romantic dinner.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images

It is rumored that Chiquis Rivera would have engaged to her boyfriend Emilio Sánchez after a very romantic evening that they enjoyed and that the singer and daughter of the late artist Jenni Rivera shared on her social networks.

The ‘Chamonic’ Instagram account assures that the eldest daughter of ‘La Diva de la Banda’ would be ready to marry the photographer. “They tell me that Chiquis got engaged to her boyfriend Emilio yesterday!!! So soon I’m sure he will share it time to time “, They indicated from that account specialized in the world of art and entertainment.

In the videos that Chiquis shared in her Instagram stories, a very romantic scene can be seen. Rose petals adorning the floor, many candles, a beautifully decorated table and the great surprise of the singer of Mexican origin showing all the details of the dinner she was about to have.

For this dinner, Chiquis wore a very summery, loose and strapless dress. In addition, he wore very natural makeup and his hair was tied up in a ponytail.

Chiquis Rivera and her boyfriend Emilio Sánchez have had a romantic relationship for some time. Almost a year ago the singer spoke about her boyfriend and marriage:

“Many people ask me: are you going to get married again? Do you still believe in love? Is Emilio the candidate? I get asked that question all the time and right now he’s the candidate. Right now I wouldn’t mind getting married again,” Chiquis said. “He has honestly made me think about having kids more than I ever have in my life,” she later said in a podcast.

Chiquis Rivera was married to Lorenzo Mendez and the legal separation became official in July when they finally signed the divorce.

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