They assure that Christian Nodal is in debt because of Belinda

A new controversy shakes the life of Christian nodal.

It is true that since he began his courtship with BelindaBoth have been the target of quite a bit of criticism and now amid all the rumors of an alleged breakup, It was revealed that Nodal would be in debt for all the lavish gifts he has given the singer, including her engagement ring.

According to information from ‘El Universal’, the 22-year-old artist I would be going through an economic crisis for trying to please each and every one of the whims of his beloved, which, they assure, has led him to neglect his career already have a imbalance in your finances.

And it is that the couple has been seen to enjoy many quality moments. They have spent it from celebration to celebration and from trip to trip, because let’s remember that not long ago they celebrated their first anniversary together, in addition to the marriage request and recently Belinda’s birthday at Disney.

Now, due to the excessive expenses he has made, the artist’s family would not be happy with the results, because her bank accounts continue to decline, all from investing in her.

It was even claimed that the interpreter of ‘Bottle after bottle’ he borrowed money from a friend in order to pay for the engagement ring that he gave to Belinda in an exclusive restaurant in Barcelona.

Although Christian Nodal is one of the interpreters of the moment in regional Mexican music, it is also true that Beli’s tastes are not cheap at all.

Everything seems to indicate that Nodal deleted Belinda’s photographs and would stop following her on Instagram as part of an advertising strategy, since they will soon announce a musical collaboration between the two.

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