They assure that the deputy Pedro Carrizales alias “El Mijis” was found dead

After the disappearance of Pedro Carrizales Becerra alias ‘The Mijis’During the early hours of this Thursday, February 10, an information portal “El Heraldo de Chihuahua” announced that the ex-deputy had been found lifeless and quartered.

The information portal announced that “El mijis” was found dead a few minutes ago on the side of federal highway 53. Quines added that members of the federal highway police found the macabre discovery after inspecting an abandoned car on said highway. .

“El mijis” is still missing

Later, they published one more photograph where a dismembered body is seen with a narcomanta in which he said a threatening phrase, so this alarmed netizens and the information went viral. However, the news was later denied by the Prosecutor’s Office of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, who argued that at the moment nothing is known about the former deputy’s whereabouts and that it was false news.

It is worth mentioning that according to the search file issued by the State Commission for the Search of Persons of San Luis Potosí, the activist disappeared on January 31, and the last time he was seen was at the Las Fuentes hotel, located in Saltillo. , Coahuila, this while on his way to Monterrey, Nuevo León.

Photo that was revealed and that is totally false

However, according to deputy prosecutor Luis Enrique Orozco, the former deputy from Morena was seen days after his disappearance in the municipality of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.

The search for the former deputy of Morena continues

Pedro César Carrizales Becerra, better known by his nickname “El mijis”, was a deputy in the local congress of San Luis Potosí and before starting his political career, he carried out activism for the visibility of the so-called “kids gang”.

In 2018, he rose to fame after being elected a local deputy in San Luis Potosí despite constant criticism for his appearance, his tattoos, and his way of speaking. According to his testimonies, Carrizales Becerra grew up in a violent family. He was a gang member and was in jail.