They assure that Vicente Fernández ‘shows up’ every day at the ‘Los Tres Potrillos’ ranch

Next March 12 will be three months since the unfortunate departure of the great Vicente Fernandezhowever, his family continues to feel his presence, as detailed by his widow, Dona Cuquitaand now it was the turn of Vicente Fernandez Jr.his older son.

According to the testimony of both, ‘El Charro de Huentitán’ has demonstrated with various actions at the ranch of ‘The Three Gates’which fills them with emotion, because they really enjoy feeling him close.

“It is very exciting, very gratifying to know that my father is present, we feel it and we are very happy about it,” said Vicente Fernández Jr. in an interview with the ‘Ventaneando’ program.

In the same talk, he explained that the interpreter of ‘Por Tu Maldito Amor’ manifests himself very often in what was his bed.

“Every day the cross appears on the bed,” explained Mariana González’s boyfriend, who is sure that his father will never leave, as long as they keep him in mind.

“If my father is what he is, and he spoke in the present tense because the person dies when you stop thinking about him, it is largely because of the great woman he had by his side,” explained Fernández Jr.

Vicente Fernández Jr. has not been the only one who has seen a cross on his father’s bed, because a few weeks ago Doña Cuquita also spoke about that inexplicable event.

“Incredible! But a cross is formed on my bed, with the quilt, with everything, a cross is formed, but daily, daily, daily. I tell him: ‘don’t worry, no one is going to take your place’ ”, revealed the widow of Vicente Fernández at the time of her.

How is the Los Tres Potrillos ranch, the place that feels the presence of Vicente Fernández?

The Los Tres Potrillos ranch, located in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, in the Mexican state of Jalisco, was built by Vicente Fernández in 1980, on a plot of 1,235 acres and named it in honor of his three sons, Vicente Jr., Gerardo and Alejandro.

In addition to the main house, the property also has extensive green areas, with a guitar-shaped pool, with stables, with corrals, with a charro cloth, with a chapel, with an events room, with a rehearsal room, with a typical food restaurant. , with a souvenir shop and even its own arena, which was the place where thousands of fans gave him their last goodbye.

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