They attack Yuri for comments

  • Singer Yuri receives criticism after comments on the carpet of Billboard Latin Music
  • “You do what you can to be from Mexico,” replied the singer causing controversy
  • “As soon as he opens his mouth he waters it”, mentioned the fans on social networks

BAD COMMENT. The Mexican singer Yuri is being criticized after a comment she made on the red carpet of the 2021 Billboard Latin Music Awards. While the presenters asked her about her clothes and praised the singer, she mentioned that ‘you did what you could ‘being Mexican.


That comment upset the Internet users, since they did not believe it was correct for the singer to make such statements in a foreign country and even more so since she was Mexican. So far, the singer has not commented on it, but Internet users have not stopped remembering what happened and even what she did in the past.

Yuri discriminates Mexican women: Yuri’s comment

Yuri's comment
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It was the program Gossip No Like, where they talked about a fact that bothered during the red carpet of the Billboard Latin Music Awards, as the singer Yuri showed off the golden dress with a leg opening that she used for that special moment. The Veracruz singer presented a tribute in memory of Juan Gabriel in the company of other singers and therefore, she was one of the most stalked by the media.

It was for this reason that the presenters of the event approached the singer and asked her about the clothes she was wearing, in addition to flattering the good taste of the Mexican when she made a mocking comment that was not taken in a good way. It is not the first time that the singer ends up being criticized for her way of thinking, nor for the comments she makes about it, which is why people have pointed out her ‘lack of filter’ in certain situations. Filed Under: Yuri Discriminates Mexican

Yuri discriminates Mexican women: “To be from Mexico”

"To be from Mexico"
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The Mexican singer, when they told her how good she looked in that golden dress that she used especially for the awards, pointed out that she had done “what she could” to be from the sister country. It is all that the recording presented by Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani shows, which would upset the audience.

“Thank you thank you very much. You do what you can to be from Mexico, ”singer Yuri was heard saying when the presenters complimented her attire. That comment seemed to offend the hosts of the entertainment program, who said it “put Mexico in a bad image” in a foreign country. Filed Under: Yuri discriminates Mexican

Yuri discriminates Mexican women: “What’s wrong Yuri?”

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Elisa Beristain, the presenter of Gossip No LikeShe was quite annoyed by the comment made by Yuri and mentioned that she should not have made such statements when she was in another country, where many Latinos have found it difficult to be invited to that award and that she left ‘Mexico’ badly.

“We are talking about you being in the United States and you are present at some awards, where we Mexicans do the ‘fuchi’. What’s the matter, Yuri? But look, that’s what Yuri thinks of Mexicans, ”Beristain mentioned. “But look, what Yuri thinks being from Mexico. That we dress as we can and do not look good, “said the host of the famous program. Filed Under: Yuri Discriminates Mexican

Yuri discriminates Mexican women: Criticism has not been lacking

The criticisms have not been lacking
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Internet users have not stopped responding to the video that Elisa Beristain shared on her Instagram profile, where Yuri’s controversial comment has not been left aside. In the comments section, people remember the actions that the Veracruz woman has taken and that others have not liked.

“W … old! Since he made fun of the Virgin Mary, I have been fat ”, they mentioned in the comments of the video. “Mexicans have been disparaged just like Colombians and they think that only American people or people from elsewhere are those who handle glamor and also praise them,” the comment section reads. Filed Under: Yuri Discriminates Mexican

Yuri discriminates Mexican women: “As soon as he opens his mouth he waters it”

"As soon as he opens his mouth he waters it"
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Some people commented, that there were already several occasions where singer Yuri had committed acts that the audience considers as ‘disrespectful’, so her words should no longer be taken seriously. Also, they have mentioned that she acts like this due to the fact that she feels younger than she is.

“Give her a chance, the lady is already older. Every time he opens his mouth, he waters it. What if she feels Belinda’s age, and now she feels a foreigner with that hair color “, reads one of the comments they made in the publication of the host of Gossip No Like and that lets you know the annoyance at his words. Filed Under: Yuri discriminates against Mexican women. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO

One of the most controversial videos of the singer

Virgin mary
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Previously, Yuri had shared a video on TikTok in which the singer appears dressed as the Virgin Mary dancing, and received hundreds of criticism for allegedly mocking Catholics. In the video you can see how a Christmas carol begins to sound and behind ‘María’ is ‘José’, the two appear with their hands in front as in a prayer, moving to the rhythm of the Christmas carol, until the rhythm changes and they begin to dance madly.

This was not to the liking of many people who immediately began to criticize the singer, as they claim that Yuri is making fun of Catholics by performing that dance. “Total lack of respect, we must respect no matter what religion we are, bad for it.” Some followers mentioned on social networks.

Outside of criticism, he had terrible times due to COVID-19

Outside of criticism, he had terrible times due to COVID-19
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It was several months ago that the Mexican singer Yuridia Valenzuela Canseco, better known as Yuri, revealed that she had been infected with coronavirus, but now, the jarocha confesses the terrible consequences left by this disease that has claimed the lives of millions of people in the world.

In an interview he gave to the program Today, the interpreter of songs like Behind my window and Maldita primavera shared that she was diagnosed with a disease called dysautonomia, which is defined as “failure of the autonomic central nervous system, in charge of regulating vital functions such as breathing and the functioning of the gastrointestinal system. ”.

“I was quite sick”

"I was pretty sick"
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About to reach 60 years of age, Yuri confessed in this interview that some sequelae of the nervous system had returned and that he was under treatment: “Now there is this disease, I really want to say it publicly, they came back to me three weeks ago I was quite ill, thank God I was able to detect it in time ”.

So far, the jarocha has not mentioned anything else on his social networks about this disease that was diagnosed as a result of having been infected with coronavirus, although his followers have been very aware.

“My quality of life is not so pretty”

"My quality of life is not so pretty" Yuri
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And in what no one would have expected, the Mexican singer, who rose to fame in the eighties with the song Panda Bear, revealed that if she is going to be living with this condition, and if her quality of life is not “so pretty ”, he will ask God to take her away.

“Sure, at that moment you say, how can you take me! I have my daughter, I have my husband, but there does come a time when you despair,” shared the jarocha, while Raúl Araiza, one of the hosts of this show morning, he assured that the one who also suffers from dysautonomia is the Costa Rican singer and actress Maribel Guardia

“I had to put on a diaper”

"It doesn
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According to information from El Universal, some symptoms with which dysautonomia is detected, a disease that the Mexican singer Yuri suffers today, are tachycardia, insomnia, shortness of breath, anxiety, dizziness and fainting.

In an interview that she gave to the entertainment journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda, and which is available on her YouTube channel, the jarocha said the following: “I would almost poop wherever I fell. I came and went, I almost had to put on a diaper ”.

Wants to tell his story

She is ready to tell her story Yuri
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Among the series of celebrities that will arrive next year is that of a young, talented, passionate and successful pizpireta, who dealt with some problems, but overcame adversity after finding God, she is Yuridia Valenzuela Canseco.

Yes, the bioserie of the jarocha Yuri is already on paper ready to begin its production, so it could be scheduled for March 2022, as announced by the same interpreter. For now, he indicated, he hopes to meet with the production of this project to begin the search for the actresses who will give life to him in different stages of history, which will include personal and artistic aspects. Some images of this note come from the following video