They beat Pedro Sola for criticizing the situation in Mexico: “He is a tired and finished older adult”

Pedro Sola was criticized for talking about the current situation in Mexico (Photo: Instagram/@tiopedritosola)

Sola was again involved in controversy after pointing out that The current situation in the country is very disadvantageous.

It was through a tweet, which already has more than 16 thousand likes, where the driver of windowing expressed his concern about what awaits future generations.

“I was born in 1947, I am 75 years old and I have never I never remember realizing that our country is in chaos. I’m already leaving but what about those who are just entering? Sad reality and it seems that without a solution, ”she wrote.

But, to the surprise of the famous, the response from Internet users was not at all favorable and several of them accused him of not having a historical memory of what has happened in Mexico.

“I was born in 1988, and in my 33 years I was able to perceive/live the chaos of the currency devaluation, the abandonment of the countryside and the migration to the US, the fobaproa, the “war” against drugs, the growth of homicides and the proliferation of organized crime” or “Where have you lived @tiopedritosola? Do not remember? The massacres in Tlatelolco, El halconazo, The dirty war of the 70’s, Acteal, Aguas Blancas, Villa Salvacar, Allende, Coahuila or the economic crises and devaluations in the 70’s and 94, the FOBAPROA. Better continue in the show business!”, Are some of the mentions he received.

Photo: Capture/Instagram @linetpuentes
Pedro Sola said that he had never seen the country like this in his life (Photo: Capture/Instagram @linetpuentes)

Likewise, another user pointed out: “I want to think that it is a parody account and that he does not really think like that, oh no, he works at @ventaneando together with other faranduleros like @ChapoyPati @DaniBisogno and the corrupt @INESGOMEZMONT so if #Fobaproa said it #Tlataya #ABC #Ayotzinapa etc”.

Given this, Daniel Bisogno broke the silence and decided to defend Pedro Solabecause he assured that the current context of the country was quite bad.

“Enough of stupidity! It is evident that there has been no worse moment of this country in the last 100 years. There is no room for discussion whatsoever,” she explained.

However, the fight on social networks continued and some Internet users accused Bisogno of being ignorant of the country’s history.

I very much doubt that you, Mr. Bisogno, know at least about basic politics, I don’t even talk about Pedro anymore, he is a very tired and exhausted older adultyou are not going to go back in your thoughts, but you? I only understand your positions for being public figures on a television station, ”wrote @waldomadrigal.

After this, Bisogno did not remain silent and assured that Pedro Sola is a very cultured person and, therefore, the netizen’s arguments were unfounded.

Daniel Bisogno
Daniel Bisogno defended the driver (Photo: Instagram @bisognodaniel)

“Pedro alone has a general culture that very few in this country have., is a qualified economist and with all the experience in the world, speaks 4 languages ​​and has all the knowledge in the world, you are the one who cannot be fooled anymore! Enough of being silly! It is the worst crisis”, he sentenced.

It should be remembered that just a few days ago, he was in the public eye because he pointed out that one of the main “misfortunes” of the country’s capital is adjoining him Mexico state. Given this, hundreds of users of social networks they branded him classist.

It was through his official account Twitter that the driver of windowing assured that the proximity of Edomex harms Mexico City. Given the large amount of criticism it received, Sola decided to remove said publication from her profile, however, netizens were able to save the post.

“For whatever reason I had to come to Perinorte, a shopping center located at the end of the world and today I realized, again, that the misfortune of the CDMX is the proximity and adjoining with the State of Mexico”, wrote the show host during the afternoon of Saturday, January 22.


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