They bought Nina but when they got bored of her they wanted her to sleep forever

Nina is a dog who lived the experience that many breed dogs go through, his first family wanted a Chihuahua Y they bought itHowever, they always had it in the yard and it arrived on a day where it they got bored of having her and they were going to sleep, but by chance of fate a woman came into his life a day before and adopted her. This canine experienced from the first day with her new family what love was, so much so that they celebrate her birthday and it shows in her face her infinite joy.

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Nina, a purchased dog

Maria Concepcion Flores Gutierrez tells Bunko the story of his beloved Chihuahua dog, according to the story, a family wanted to have a Chihuahua breed dog and it was like that, they decided to buy Nina, but as often happens, they would not let her enter the house and even everything happened the day in the yard.

Being so small, she had to spend days alone, although they gave her quality croquettes and had everything she needed, she did not receive much affection and even the girls of the family were not allowed to play with her and in the end, this dog ended up in the house of the grandparents.

One day Concepción arrived with this family and what a surprise she received; People were telling her that they would put the Chihuahua to sleep, she was really confused and asked if she was sick or what was wrong and it was the answer that left her sad.

“Just the day I arrived they told me that the next day at 7:00 am they were going to sleep it because they did not want it and that since they bought it they would not give it to anyone.” Said María Concepción to Bunko

Flores asked to see her and once he looked at her eyes it was impossible not to fall in love with her, so he managed to convince them to give her to what they accepted and gave her with everything he had bought, with a carrier, a house, a necklace and two Nina was barely a few months old, so she was little and would start her new life.

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A life full of love for Nina

At that time, Concepción had four dogs of the same breed and one of them was blind, to the surprise of this owner is that Nina alias guingui saw a friend in her and they became inseparable, the canine was always very sad, but thanks to Nina returned the joy to her. It was surprising to know that the Chihuahua went from being unhappy and about to die by euthanasia to a canine with a family who loved her and gave a lot of love.

Nina and her little sister enjoying the couch. Photo: María Concepción Flores Gutiérrez

“I know that if I had not come to this house that night, Nina would not be here filling our home with so many joys.” Said to Bunko

Nina has been with Concepción for more than a year and is a very loved dog. Although two of her older brothers have passed away, she is still happy and being pampered by her mother, so much so that they celebrated her two years of age.

This is how Nina’s birthday was lived. Facebook: María Concepción Flores Gutiérrez

There is no doubt that there are angels like this woman who saved Nina’s life, being so small and adorable she had been ignored by those who ‘loved her’. Now he has a loving family where sadness does not exist.