They broadcast video of the Los Angeles shooting where the quinceañera was murdered

The unfortunate death of a teenage girl in Los Angeles at the hands of the police due to a stray bullet has shocked the public and put into controversy the use of lethal weapons in the United States, since more and more cases of deaths of innocent by the use of firearms.

As we recently informed you, a young woman named Valentina was choosing a dress for her quinceañera in a store in Los Angeles, the city where she traveled with her family from Chile to meet her sister, although it would be the last time she would see her. after dying from a stray bullet.

The young woman died in her mother’s arms after receiving the impact of a projectile in the chest and the terrifying moments of the incident have been spread on social networks in a shocking video filmed at the facilities of + Burlington Coat Factory +, where a dress was tried on .

They broadcast video of the death of a young fifteen-year-old

In the last hours, a video has circulated on social networks where you can see the terrifying moments that Valentina Orellana-Peralta lived with her family when a shooting took place in the store’s facilities, where the attacker was killed on the spot, without However, it was not the only casualty.

A stray bullet reached the locker room where Valentina was, who was hit directly in the chest, dying almost instantly, and the horrible moments that occurred in the shooting were filmed and it was the Los Angeles police themselves who broadcast the video of the events.

They demand justice for the death of Valentina

Friends and relatives of the young woman have protested her death

We inform you in AmericanPost.News that thanks to the body cameras carried by the officers, the aggressor was identified as Daniel Elena López, as well as the officer who detonated his weapon, one of his bullets being the one that killed Valentina, for What was discharged with pay while the authorities carried out the corresponding investigations in the case.

So far there has been no further progress regarding the case, however friends and relatives of the victim have begun to raise funds to cover the minor’s funeral and legal expenses, as several members of her family would travel to the United States to give her a dignified burial, while justice is demanded for his death, since he became one more victim of the abuse of authority by the police.