They broadcast video of the moment when a cyclist in Mérida was shot

Through social networks circulates a video where you can see the moment when a cyclist is attacked with a firearm in Merida.

This recording corresponds to a surveillance video of a property located on Calle 68 between 71 and 73 in downtown Mérida.

As we informed in the Truth News, On the afternoon of this Monday, the armed attack was registered, where a cyclist was injured with a firearm and had to be transferred to a hospital.

Video reveals the moment of the attack

The man exchanged words with his attacker. After the attack, the attacker fled.

In the recording you can see the moment when the cyclist exchanges a few words with the crew of a truck and after several seconds, one of the occupants allegedly fired a firearm against his victim.

For its part, the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) issued a statement, in which they rule out that the incident had to do with acts of organized crime.

After the attack, the attacker fled.

According to the report, the State Investigation Police (PEI) of the SSP advances in the investigations to clarify the facts, where a man was injured by a bullet.

It is worth mentioning that based on other evidence that cannot be revealed, it was determined that there are no indications that the act was an act related to organized crime.

The authorities made it clear that they will work until the full clarification of the facts and the capture of those responsible for the armed attack.

Of Injured cyclist is known to be admitted to a hospital in Merida, however they did not reveal the state of health.

When the video of the moment of the attack was revealed, dozens of users of social networks did not take long to demonstrate and several agreed that the owner of the recordings could be the target of retaliation.

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