They call Nicki Minaj to the White House, but leave her teased because she will not see Biden to talk about vaccines

In recent days Nicki Minaj has openly and repeatedly expressed her skepticism about the Covid-19 vaccine, Going even to suggest that it can cause impotence, to explain why she has decided not to wear it and consequently had to miss the Met gala last Monday, which required attendees to have completed the vaccination schedule.

On Wednesday, the ‘Anaconda’ singer announced through her Twitter account that she had been invited to the White House to share her point of view with US government officials., and promised that she would go to such an important date dressed in pink, as the character of Reese Witherspoon in the comedy ‘Legally Blonde’, also known as ‘A very legal blonde’ or ‘Legally blonde’.

“I will ask questions on behalf of the people who have been mocked for being simply human,” promised the rapper to her followers, who she encouraged to message her with their questions and concerns about the vaccine so she could create a list.

However, it seems that Nicki did not quite understand exactly what the proposal that had been sent to her implied because Several spokespersons have now clarified that at no point was he offered the option of visiting the official residence of President Joe Biden or meeting with him. Instead, she is expected to have a telephone conversation with a doctor, who is prepared to answer any questions you may have about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.

This is an option that has been made available to others who are also reluctant to participate in the immunization campaign.

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