They capture 3 members of the CJNG, they were heavily armed

According to information confirmed to AmericanPost.Newselements of Public Security, managed to arrest three alleged members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG); weapons and apparent drugs were confiscated, one of them tried to pass himself off as a police officer.

The detainees were identified as José Ángel, Felipe and Vinicio, who are currently being investigated as allegedly responsible for crimes against health and illegal possession of firearms, since the media were told that they had strong weapons, which they wanted use to defend against arrest.

The growth of the cartel has been alarming, since the authorities announced which states the Jalisco New Generation Cartel controls and it is that worldwide, it operates in at least 18 countries.

Arrest of CJNG assassins

The alleged members of the cartel were held by Mexican police The Mexican cartels have gained great power in recent months

The arrest of the assassins was achieved when the officers carried out surveillance tours of the Gulf coastal highway, exactly on the Minatitlán-Veracruz section, at the height of the Los Aguacates neighborhood, and they realized that they were traveling in a red Nissan March. three armed men.

The officers intercepted the suspects and after checking the vehicle, three firearms were found, two of them short and a rifle, in addition to five chargers, a chest piece, 44 useful cartridges and two tactical vests with the name of the cartel, 4 ballistic plates and 200 grams of marijuana.

To the criminals who attribute to them various criminal acts that have recently been registered in the Alvarado region, mainly the trafficking and extortion of undocumented immigrants.

With the arrest of these alleged members of the cartel, the authorities will continue to track their operations to reduce their criminal level.

What is the most powerful cartel in the world today?

Mexican cartels have gained great power in recent months

Currently the cartel led by ‘El Mencho’ is one of the most powerful in the world, since in recent years it has gained a lot of international territory, being the fear of millions of people.

With the aim of “exterminating its rivals”, CJNG announced a shootout, which had a great impact among millions of people in Mexico, since the threat was carried out there.

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