They capture Luis Miguel and he looks unrecognizable

  • They capture Luis Miguel in a restaurant
  • The Sun appears “unrecognizable”
  • Followers have their doubts and affirm that it is not him

Does he look like Kiko ?: They capture the Mexican singer, Luis Miguel enjoying a dinner in the company of his new girlfriend, however the face of the nicknamed as Sun, He impacted everyone on social networks by looking completely unrecognizable, where even some users stressed that he did not even look like him, while others argued that “the years are unforgiving.”

It was a few years ago when Luis Miguel stole the hearts of all Mexican women for his gallantry and his voice, causing him to become one of the most coveted gallants in the entertainment world, not in vain has he dated great artists, such as Mariah Carey, Araceli Arámbula, among many other beauty.

Luis Miguel looks unrecognizable in photography

Luis Miguel looks unrecognizable in photography
VIDEO: YouTube

And it is that the handsome singer boasted an unparalleled beauty, which was highly praised by many critics, and women who fell in love with the singer’s gallantry, however, with the passing of the years, and of course, many things begin to change, and time begins to take its toll on our physique.

It was through social networks where a photograph began to spread where the singer Luis Miguel, one of the most recognized artists in all of Mexico, appeared next to a fan, however, what attracted the most attention among followers It was his face, which in the words of many looks completely unrecognizable.

He appears unrecognizable in a photograph next to a fanatic

He appears unrecognizable in a photograph next to a fanatic
VIDEO: YouTube

In the photograph, which was first shared by the program’s YouTube account Gossip no like, The host Elisa Beristain told the anecdote that the fan with whom Luis Miguel took the photo had, arguing that the singer had behaved wonderfully with him, and even invited her to sit at his table, where much is speculated that he was with his current partner:

“Well, it turns out that this lady (the fanatic) goes to a restaurant on her birthday, and she meets him, goes and approaches him, and asks him if he gives her an autograph, he says, sit down and tell me about you, he was with a companion, who can be seen starting to applaud, kind of like ‘how kind is Luis Miguel’ the lady took his picture and video with him ”.

With the ‘unrecognizable’ face, Luis Miguel surprises in social networks

With the 'unrecognizable' face, Luis Miguel surprises in social networks
VIDEO: YouTube

Quickly, this photograph began to circulate through social networks after the fan published it, without imagining that endless criticism would begin to rain on the singer, stating that he looked completely unrecognizable from the face, arguing that he even looked like Kiko.

In the photograph it is possible to see Luis Miguel next to the fan, while he hugged her by the shoulders, in his face, already changed over the years, you could even notice his eyes and his nose quite different, these changes were contributed more than anything by the age the singer was already, however, that did not save him from criticism.

Followers claim that Luis Miguel looks like Kiko

Followers claim that Luis Miguel looks like Kiko
VIDEO: YouTube

The comments were diverse, however the ones that stood out the most was one that the host Elisa Beristain said, where she commented that Luis Miguel looked like the character of Chavo del 8, Kiko: ? ”, Commented the presenter for the program Gossip I don’t like.

On the other hand, followers of the Instagram account of @ chamonic3, commented exactly the same thing, stating that the face of Sun He was completely unrecognizable, and that the gallantry that characterized him so much was gone, affirming that the years did not pass in vain for anyone. YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO HERE OF CHISME NO LIKE

“It is not him”, Luis Miguel appears unrecognizable in photography and they affirm that it is not him

"Is not the", Luis Miguel appears unrecognizable in photography and they affirm that it is not him
PHOTO: Instagram

Among the comments that could be read were from some followers, who, like Elisa Beristain, commented that Luis Miguel resembled Kiko: “He is more like the one Kiko did in Chavo del 8,” referring to the 77-year-old actor. years, Carlos Villagrán.

Others flatly commented that that person was not Luis Miguel, since his face was unrecognizable and did not resemble the singer at all: “I mean, I know he has his years, but he will always be the same”, “I don’t think be Chamonic Luis Mirrey has his teeth very straight ”,“ I think that if it is and it is not ”.

“If it’s him, the years go by”

Luis Miguel unrecognizable
PHOTO: Instagram

“And I went to see him twice in the second row, the truth does not look alike, he will never bring that careless manicure, his teeth are even and his hair too, he looks very different, for me, it is not”, ” Uhm, I don’t think it’s him, he’s very vain and you can’t see him here, he takes great care of his appearance and that face is very haggard. “

On the other hand, some commented that the years do not pass, and that without a doubt it was Luis Miguel, despite the fact that his face looked completely unrecognizable: “I say yes it is, the years do not pass in vain”, “Yes it is, only with a few extra kilos, and also, something was done to his face ”.

Former Interpol official assures that Luis Miguel’s mother is alive

Luis Miguel unrecognizable
Photo: Shutterstock

The former director of Interpol, Miguel Aldana, revealed an unexpected news about Luis Miguel’s mother, Marcela Basteriya, who assures that she is alive, and gives details of why she supports him, according to what was published on the Milenio news portal:

In a verbatim way, the former Interpol official in Mexico in the 1970s said the following: “He spoke to me last year.” Statement that has left everyone with their mouths open, because its existence has been questioned for years. Filed Under: Luis Miguel is captured with his new girlfriend and he looks unrecognizable


Luis Miguel romance Paty Manterola

Some of the theories that circulate among the artistic medium and among fans of the Sun of Mexico is that Luis Miguel’s mother died and is buried in a house located in Las Matas, Madrid, but neither that nor that she is alive is confirmed. Marcela Basteri was a recognized model and her existence has been questioned, many people believe that she is still alive, but others say that she is already dead, which has caused much controversy in the life of singer Luis Miguel.

It was in an interview that the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante did, that the former official who dared to say what many believe, that she is alive, that she is fine, but also, refused to know her whereabouts to avoid any problems in the future. Filed Under: Luis Miguel is captured with his new girlfriend and he looks unrecognizable

Reveal everything

Photo: Mezcalent

It should be noted that Miguel Aldana is a very close friend of the head of the capital’s police at that time, Arturo “El Negro” Durazo, so they maintain close communication due to that bond and the workers. Filed Under: Luis Miguel is captured with his new girlfriend and he looks unrecognizable

Regarding the talk he allegedly had with Luis Miguel’s mother, the former Interpol official in Mexico commented the following: “He spoke to me last year. He did not tell me what the circumstance was or where it is. I just asked him, ‘Are you okay?’ ‘Yes I’m fine'”. He then confessed that the conversation continued with the following questions and answers: “’Is nothing offered to you?’ ‘No, I thank you very much’ and that’s where it ended. I didn’t want to know more so as not to get in trouble. I heard her about a year and a half ago she spoke to me ”.

Is in good health

Photo Mezcalent

However, that was not all the former official revealed about Luis Miguel’s mother, since in the interview he revealed that: “His mother is not dead. He has friends so they can investigate, although I think he has communication with her ”. Filed Under: Luis Miguel is captured with his new girlfriend and he looks unrecognizable

On another occasion, Aldana had commented that the woman had made her life in Argentina where she had two children and commented: “They told me that she had two children and that Luis Miguel even knows them (…) She fought with Luisito Rey, she was angry with him and he went to Argentina, that’s how it was ”. To see the video click here.

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