They catch a thief in Playa del Carmen with 23 bank cards

The thief thought that he would never be arrested, after robbing passersby on several occasions and stripping them of their bank cards, but his story ran out, because this day the Municipal Secretariat of Public Safety and Solidarity Traffic, Playa del Carmen, confirmed his arrest.

According to information from the corporation, the events occurred in the Centro neighborhood, when the officers answered a call from a citizen who warned that moments before a subject had in his possession several Bank cards and that he also tried to withdraw money on behalf of several people.

The subject acted viciously with the officers

They catch a thief in Playa del Carmen with 23 bank cards

After these accusations, the agents proceeded to catch up with a subject who, when telling him to stop, took an aggressive attitude, and suspected of committing a crime, a security inspection was carried out, finding 23 bank cards in his possession. names of different people.

It is worth mentioning that the informant also said that the criminal He tried to make cash withdrawals from two ATMs located at different addresses but found it strange that they did not dump the money and pointed to a man whom he had spotted at both ATMs while carrying out the transactions.

It was learned that the detainee was identified as Carlos “N”, 42 years old, originally from PeruAs well as not verifying that all those cards were his, he was insured for the possible commission of the crime of falsifying documents and made available to the State Attorney General’s Office, where his legal situation will be determined.

They catch a thief in Playa del Carmen with 23 bank cards

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the robbery in 2021 in Quintana Roo had high numbers, if we talk about robbery to passers-by, according to the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, 1,581 robberies were recorded from passers-by on public roads. and 511 robberies from passersby in a space open to the public, alarming figures.

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