They catch an incredible flash on the Popocatepetl volcano; it is believed to be a meteorite

At dawn on Thursday, December 2, an incredible flash near to Popocatepetl volcano, the images have surprised and are already going around the world.

It was the cameras of the National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred), which are constantly monitoring the activity of the volcano, which achieved catch the flash of light that appeared in the sky.

The images were shared on social media and they immediately caused great controversy. Many people believe that it was a meteorite that fell to the ground, while other users assure that it is a Shooting StarIn any case, the authorities have not ruled on the matter.

The volcano has remained active

It should be noted that barely on the first of December the Semaphore of Popocatepetl Volcanic Alert remained in Yellow Phase 2, Regarding this, Cenapred exhorted the population “not to approach the volcano and especially the crater, due to the danger posed by falling ballistic fragments.”

The agency revealed that they were identified 16 exhalations, which were accompanied by water vapor, volcanic gases and ash. That’s not all, they also showed up three volcanotectonic earthquakes and a minor explosion.

Now the new flash that was captured by the Cenapred cameras has caused astonishment, but also a lot of controversy, because the flash seems to it comes down from the sky and finally hits the ground just behind the volcano.

What is the activity of the Popocatepetl volcano?

Since 1994 it maintains great volcanic activity

The Popocatepetl volcano is known for its high activity. Since it was reactivated in 1994 until now it has remained active and has presented a series of eruptions of which the most violent have been in 2000, and at dawn on April 18, 2016. This volcano is located in the center from Mexico. It is located in the territorial limits of the states of Morelos, Puebla and the State of Mexico.

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