They claim that Roberto Romano kissed a woman and it is not Alicia Machado

After Alicia machado became the winner of the reality show “La Casa de los Famosos”, the actress showed off her new romance with Roberto Romano, but since they left the show they have caused quite a stir and now they have leaked some photos of the actor.

Through social networks they leaked some photos of the famous kissing a woman who is not the Venezuelan actress, which has divided opinions among users, although the Mexican actor assured that it is a misunderstanding and commented that he is not unfaithful to the former beauty queen.

And it is that, at the end of last November we shared you in AmericanPost.News Alicia Machado showed off a photo with Romano, the celebrities were enjoying some well-deserved days off in Miami and made it clear that nothing will prevent their romance.

Filtered photos of Roberto Romano kissing a woman

The actor was caught kissing a woman who is not Alicia Machado The actor participated in some Televisa series

Through the actor’s Instagram stories, he mentioned that that kiss is part of the recording of a movie in which he is participating, although some were intrigued by those photographs where the actor can be seen kissing a woman who is not Alicia.

For their part, Roberto’s fans commented that even if they try to deceive a person, they will not be able to and expressed that they must first investigate and then judge, for which his followers have defended him, while other users accuse him of being unfaithful to the actress.

Machado has not commented on the matter, although users have been aware of the publications of the Venezuelan, who has used her Instagram profile to share with her fans that a month has passed since she won the Telemundo reality show.

Where has Roberto Romano participated?

The actor participated in some Televisa series

The famous 32-year-old has had the opportunity to participate in some chapters of “La Rosa de Guadalupe”, in the series “As the saying says”, as well as “The Lord of the Skies”, “Mr. Steel” and in the soap opera “Simply Maria”.

Actor Roberto Romano is a graduate of the Center for Artistic Education, Televisa’s CEA, but after participating in Telemundo’s “La Casa de los Famosos” he caused quite a stir, because after the end of the season, the famous one has boasted a romance with Alicia Machado.

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