They confirm alleged corruption in COFEPRIS of Quintana Roo

Although the version had been denied by Miguel Pino Murillo himself, the head of the Sanitary Operation Commission of the COFERPRIS, Bertha Alcalde Luján, confirmed that last September they did receive complaints for alleged acts of corruption in the body in Quintana Roo.

He detailed that complaints they were because checkers of the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS) in the entity, supposedly they charged “bites” to laboratories dedicated to carrying out tests for the detection of COVID-19.

For this reason, as he said, on October 8 retirement to Quintana Roo the powers of verification and sanitary authorization, fact that Never before had been made in the history of the COFEPRIS.

It should be noted, as has been timely reported AmericanPost.News, the now former state director of COFEPRIS, Miguel Pino Murillo, has denied, on at least a couple of occasions, that he is the subject of any investigation by central authorities.

He has even insisted that his resignation as head of the entity in the entity was for health reasons, since he underwent a surgical intervention, and not because he was part of an investigation related to alleged acts of corruption.

However, Bertha Alcalde stated that last November he ordered an audit for the alleged acts of corruption reported in Quintana Roo.

And, as specified, they received complaints from laboratories dedicated to conducting COVID tests in hotels, airports and other establishments, whose owners demanded resources to allow them to operate.

Attractive to corrupt

They confirm alleged corruption in COFEPRIS of Quintana Roo.

He indicated that, since Quintana Roo is a state with tourist destinations, it generates a lot of income and therefore is quite attractive for corrupt officials.

What we did immediately, without waiting to see that the Ministry of Public Function or the Attorney General’s Office did a more thorough investigation, was to carry out something that had never been done before, it is not something very common, but that it was necessary: ​​to take away the powers of the state to verify what has to do with health.

The COFEPRIS Commissioner for Sanitary Operations did not detail aspects of the investigation so as not to hinder the results, but announced that they do have information on irregularities in the State and that the Prosecutor’s Office is already investigating them.

He explained that an audit and documentation review is underway at the COFEPRIS of Quintana Roo, while pointing out that the then owner, Miguel Pino, was removed from office.

Yes it was dismissal

They confirm alleged corruption in COFEPRIS of Quintana Roo.

Actions were taken, the owner was dismissed, although he was framed in a different context, we do not know the details, a manager (Andira Aracely García Candelario) was left who we know is no longer there.

By the way, he affirmed that the information related to the accusations of alleged corruption was shared with the Ministry of Health, with Governor Carlos Joaquín González himself, although he made it clear that they do not know the local reasons for the dismissal of Miguel Pino.

We do not know in the end the reasons why they dismissed him or rather they asked this person not to take charge at that time. We know that he is no longer there, someone else was appointed who we also know is no longer there, we ignore the reasons. We are working very closely with Quintana Roo to see what is done.

By the way, among the measures that COFEPRIS is analyzing to prevent these acts from being repeated is the construction of a digital surveillance center.

The intention is that the verifiers carry a lapel camera so that, when carrying out operations, everything that is happening is serious and acts of corruption are avoided.

He pointed out that, so far, Quintana Roo is the only state in the country where they have received complaints for alleged acts of corruption.