They confirm the bioseries of Vicente Fernández and the famous actor who would interpret him

While Vicente Fernandez fight in the hospital to regain his health, a biographical series about the singer was confirmed, they even already have the actor who could play him.

The decision of record your life and present it in a series It was taken before its current situation and it was even reported that it was before the coronavirus pandemic started.

“With everything and that he is recovering slowly, there is news that its bioseries are being prepared in a city of Hidalgo (Mexico) ”, they indicated in an issue of ‘Ventaneando’.

According to the information offered by the show program, This production is already authorized by the Fernández family, who are satisfied that it is Alejandro Speitzer who plays Vicente in his youth stage, although it needs to be confirmed officially.

The protagonist could be Alejandro Speitzer, at least in the young part ”, they assured.

Another of the actors contemplated to impersonate Fernández was Carlos Rivera, but he rejected this proposal presumably because he would stop giving many concerts by accepting his participation in the bioseries.

Vicente Fernández continues to be hospitalized in the intensive care area of ​​the exclusive Country 2000 hospital in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he has remained since August 6 after suffering a fall at his ranch “Los Tres Potrillos”, which unleashed a series of complications in his health, which deteriorates more and more.

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