They confirm the cast of a new version ‘Los Ricos Also Cry’ for Televisa and Univision

Televisa and Univision have started recording their new production, a new version of “Los Ricos Also Lloran“. Will be Claudia martin and Sebastian Rulli who carry the leading roles of the original telenovela of Ines Rodena.

“Los Ricos Also” Lloran tells the story of Mariana, a humble and brave young woman who, after being left alone and helpless, arrives at the life of Don Alberto Salvatierra by destiny, played by Guillermo Garcia Cantu, a business magnate and one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the country.

It is there where Mariana will meet Luis Alberto Salvatierra, one of the most sought-after singles, who lives his own pain and who, seduced by Mariana’s charisma, beauty and authenticity, will find the true and most honest love. A romance alien to socioeconomic levels, social prejudices and listed as one of the most iconic of all time, but marked by tragedy, intrigue, jealousy, lies and even death.

“Los Ricos Also Lloran” features stellar performances by Fabiola Guajardo, Azela Robinson, Alejandra Barros placeholder image, Victor Gonzalez, Henry Zakka, Arturo Barba, Sergio Reynoso, Rubén Sanz, José Luis Franco, Dalilah Polanco, Dobrina Cristeva and Luis Gatica. The main cast are joined by Lorena Graniewicz, Diego Klein, Mario Moran, Thalí García, Michelle Jurado, Antonio Fortier, Mimi Morales, Paola Toyos, Carlos Gatica and Hugo Catalán.

Cast and production of 'Los Ricos Also Cry'

Televisa made this story for the first time under the name “Los Ricos Also Lloran” in 1979 with Veronica Castro and Rogelio Guerra like the protagonists. The television station would resume the story for a new version and now under the name of “María la del Barrio” with Thalia and Fernando Colunga. Telemundo also made a version in 2006 with Sandra Echeverria as “Marina”. Echeverría’s partner was originally Mauricio Ochmann, but had to leave production due to personal problems and entered Manolo cardona to finish the character.


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