They confirm the death of the actor of Friends

  • Confirmed death of James Michael Tyler
  • The producer of the series FRIENDS, announced the sad death
  • “Our Gunther passed away last night,” wrote Kevin Bright.

A sorry news. Through social networks, they confirmed the death of actor James Michael Tyler who gave life to the character of Gunther, in the hit series ‘Friends’. Months ago, the actor was the one who reported that he had been detected stage four prostate cancer after his 25-year absence from the meeting was questioned.

The actor mentioned that he wanted to live his last moments with ‘dignity’. James Michael Tyler, declared a couple of months ago on the ‘Today Show’ program about his condition and wanted to raise awareness among other men about the disease he was diagnosed with, telling them that everyone should get a monthly checkup to prevent.


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Through social networks, the death of actor James Michael Tylor was announced, who was one of the favorite actors of the fans of the beloved series of the 90s and early 2000s, ‘Friends’. The person who made the news known was the producer of the famous series and who mentioned that yesterday, at age 59, he said goodbye to this world.

On Twitter, various users have mentioned the sadness they feel when they learn that the actor has passed away. Some dedicate tweets, saying goodbye to the actor and thanking the role he played in that famous series. The photographs, memories, anecdotes and various stories are roaming social networks, paying tribute to the actor.

James Michael Tylor Dies: Do they confirm his death?

James Michael Tylor Dies: Do they confirm his death?
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Through a tweet, Kevin Bright, who was director and producer of the series ‘Friends’, made known to the followers and fans that the actor James Michael Tylor, had passed away on the night of October 23 at 59 years of age , due to terminal cancer that had been diagnosed for some time. The last time the actor appeared on camera, it was in June to talk about his illness.

James Michael Tyler. Our Gunther passed away last night. He was an amazing person who spent his last days helping others. God bless you James, Gunther lives forever. Before long, fans began to write their condolences to the actor’s family. Filed Under: James Michael Tylor Passes Away

James Michael Tylor Passes Away: Condolences Send

James Michael Tylor Passes Away: Condolences Send
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Through social networks, fans of the series have left their condolences to the actor and his family, at this delicate moment they are going through. The fans mention that he will always be remembered through the work he did on television and that they will have a very special affection for him, as well as they commented that they hope the family finds peace in these difficult moments.

“James Michael Tyler has passed away at 59 years of age due to cancer. We will always remember him for playing the eternal Gunther on Friends. He was unable to physically be on the HBO special because of his illness. Rest in peace. “,” Our unforgettable Gunther! We’ll love you forever! Sending love to the family and friends of James Michael Tyler. ”They mentioned some tweets about the death of the actor. Filed Under: James Michael Tylor Passes Away

James Michael Tylor Dies: The Fight of James Michael Tyler

James Michael Tylor passes away:
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James Michael Tyler gave an interview to the program ‘Today Show’, revealing a news that surprised all the public that follows him. The actor from the famous series “Friends” told the program that he has been fighting stage 4 prostate cancer since September 2018, when he was diagnosed through a routine exam.

The actor has gone through a long battle against this disease, which has left him paralyzed in the lower part of his body and the possibilities are decreasing more and more, so he decided to speak for the program to make others aware of the risks of not attending on time to the doctor. Filed Under: James Michael Tylor Passes Away

James Michael Tylor passes away: “I knew there was something quite wrong there”

James Michael Tylor passes away:
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According to Page Six, the actor reported in the morning news that the discovery of the disease occurred in 2018, when he was 56 years old and had gone to the doctor only to do a routine physical study, it was there that they realized that something was wrong and the doctor decided to do more tests, discovering the disease that afflicted him.

“I was 56 at the time and they test for PSA, which is a prostate-specific antigen,” the actor commented on the show. “That came back in an extraordinarily high number… so I knew immediately when I went online and saw from my blood test results that there was obviously something quite wrong there. Almost immediately, my doctor called me and said, ‘hey, I need you to come over tomorrow because I suspect you may have a pretty serious problem with your prostate.’ Filed Under: James Michael Tylor Passes Away

James Michael Tylor passes away: “For my specific prognosis, it is of course stage 4”

James Michael Tylor passes away:
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Tyler says that is how they learned about prostate cancer that was already in an advanced stage. Usually, when someone receives such a diagnosis, it is because it has already spread to other parts of the body and is called metastatic cancer.

“For my specific prognosis, it is of course stage 4, late stage cancer. So eventually, you know, it’ll probably finish me off, ”the actor told host Craig Melvin. Unfortunately, the cancer had spread to his bones and spinal column, subsequently affecting his lower body, preventing him from walking. Filed Under: James Michael Tylor Passes Away

“Cancer mutated into the pandemic”

Actor Friends Cancer: The Constant Battle
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2020 brought a complicated situation for the actor, who was not only worried about the pandemic that was hitting the world, but about the constant treatment he was receiving to combat the disease, but due to an oversight on his part he missed an appointment with the doctor and when he was finally able to take it, they reported terrible news to him.

“I missed going to an exam, which was not a good thing,” Tyler said in the interview. “So the cancer decided to mutate at the time of the pandemic and that’s how it progressed.” The actor also commented that he is undergoing quite aggressive chemotherapy treatment, which leaves him lying in bed and has to move anywhere in a wheelchair.

The treatment that worked for a year

Actor Friends Cancer: Tells about this hard process
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But before knowing about the diagnosis where they informed him that the cancer had mutated, his doctors had decided to dabble in a treatment with hormone therapy, but this only worked in an incredible way for only one year and he could continue with his life as normal that it could.

“All I had to do was take a pill in the morning and at night, and boom, life was pretty normal… I felt good, honestly. I had no symptoms, I didn’t feel any symptoms. And it was very easy to regulate, “he said in the morning Today Show. Filed Under: Actor Friends Cancer.

Tyler’s goal

The actor wants to send an important message to other men
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Page Six rescues an essential part of the interview with Tyler, and that is that his life objective is to create awareness in people, about having a regulation in his medical visits and not letting them be overlooked. The actor says that his life goal last year was only to reach his birthday, but that this time he hopes to ‘save lives’.

And have goals. Set goals. My goal last year was to see my 59th birthday. I did that on May 28th. My goal now is to help save at least one life by making this news known ”, he told the program’s cameras, so that his testimony could help the public and his followers to be aware of any strange symptoms. Filed Under: Actor Friends Cancer.

Tyler’s advice to other men

Tyler talks about prevention
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The Gunther interpreter asks his male audience to go to the doctor and take a PSA screening test, which can indicate any type of disease and save their lives in the face of an early diagnosis, in order to avoid greater harm than may be exposed and regret.

AND! Online rescued the following part of the interview: “There are other options available to men if they catch it before me,” commented the 58-year-old actor, “The next time you go alone for a basic exam or your annual check-up, ask your doctor a PSA test. It is easily detectable ”.

It wasn’t just Friends, this is Tyler’s life

The actor's other projects
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Michael James Tyler is not only an actor, in fact, he studied Geology at Clemson University and also belonged as a member of the student theater group, developing his acting skills and made him interested in acting beyond a simple hobby. Later, in 1987, Tyler earned his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Georgia.

Upon entering the world of acting, he made his debut as a production assistant on an American film called Fat Man and Little Boy; It was in 1994 that he made his appearance on Friends, where he would only be an extra, but he quickly became a character that remained throughout the series. He has also appeared on the series “Scrubs,” “Episodes,” and “Modern Music.”