They confirm Vicente Fernández’s readmission to the hospital and he is in intensive care

The singer Vicente FernandezThe 81-year-old returned to intensive care after presenting an inflammation of his respiratory tract, his doctors reported on social networks on Wednesday.

Mr. Vicente Fernández at the weekend presented inflammation of his lower respiratory tract, for which he required again to continue with respiratory support and adjustment of his medication. He was transferred to intensive care to maintain greater vigilance in the event of any eventuality“Said this text published on Vicente Fernández’s official page on Instagram.

The experts highlighted that Vicente Fernández is “awake, without sedation” and “interacting with his family.”

Mainly with his wife, Mrs. Cuquita“, The statement remarked.

They stated that a “gastrointestinal tract review” was performed and no “evidence of relevant disorder” was found.

His urinary system presented inflammation, which is being treated. His heart is stable at the moment“, The doctors pointed out.

Finally, the medical staff that attends to the singer of classics such as “The King” and “Pity that you’re alien”, assured that they continue “with multidisciplinary management and support for physical and nutritional rehabilitation.”


On September 15, Fernández left the intensive care area at the hospital where he had been since the beginning of August.

Fernández, known as El Charro de Huentitán, suffers from Guillain-Barré syndrome, a condition in which the immune system attacks the nerves and can lead to paralysis, according to statements from his family.

Before his arrival at the hospital in early August, the singer had been hospitalized for a strong urinary infection.

Throughout his life, Fernández has overcome various diseases, such as prostate cancer in 2002, the removal of a tumor in the liver in 2012, a thrombosis that caused him to lose his voice in 2013, and surgery to remove abdominal hernias in 2015.

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