They criticize Bárbara de Regil for selling new shirts only in small size

The actress Barbara of Regil announced the surprise relaunch of its famous “Loving It” protein, which was harshly criticized a few months ago. However, the fitness influencer assured that this new version has been modified to comply with all the necessary standards, with which he managed to now sold in the US.

During Monday, February 28, the star of “Rosario Tijeras” shared in his Instagram stories that his renewed protein powder is now is sweetened with monk fruit or fruit of the monk.

But the highlight is that will be sold with some “kits”which is why again has been criticized on social media. Bárbara de Regil has already said that she experienced “torment” due to criticism of her protein, but it seems that the actress continues to generate controversy again.

Why are they criticizing Bárbara de Regil again?

The t-shirts that the actress now sells are only in small sizes / Photo: Web Bárbara now has the necessary permits to sell her product / Photo: Match

Among her new protein kits, Bárbara has launched some t-shirts that have motivational phrases printed on them, like the ones she often says to her more than 8 million followers on her Instagram account.

However, these new t-shirts that say “The ching*nas no ching*mos le ching*mos!” and “Winners focus on winning and losers focus on winners”, They are only available in size S (girl)something that has generated criticism against the Mexican actress, who has said on previous occasions that they should not be “defined by weight”.

Apparently, some of his followers who are of different bodies wanted to acquire the new garment, but they have found that it is not available in their size. For now, the reason why the shirt is only available in a small size has not been revealed.

Bárbara de Regil assures that she has the FDA permits

Barbara now has the necessary permits to sell her product/Photo: Match

After “Loving It” protein was highly criticized for giving false ingredients and that their labeling was falseBarbara now places the main emphasis on these details. Claiming that your product already has FDA approval (Food and Drug Administration).

“I learn from my mistakes, I improve myself and my protein too… We comply with the labeling, formula and customs restrictions, we manage to comply with the requirements of the FDA”, said Bárbara de Regil in a promotional video of her protein that now will be sold in Mexico and the United States.

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