They criticize Maite Perroni for “rushing her wedding”

Maite Perronoh Andres Tovar They are living a beautiful love story and that has been shown after they announced their engagement a few weeks ago, so many fans and the media have speculated what the wedding will be like.

And it is that the couple who have known each other for more than 20 years have decided to take a very big step in their relationship, so they are already preparing to get married.

And it is that as we told you in American Post NewsMaite Perroni and Andrés Tovar said yes while they were in a helicopter, now both celebrities have already done most of the preparations for the wedding.

They criticize Maite Perroni for getting married “so soon”

Just one week after announcing her engagement, Maite Perroni has revealed that she already has everything ready for her big day, which has generated a negative reaction in the public, as many claim that she is doing everything too quickly.

And it is that the couple looks very much in love and their relationship has advanced by giant steps, so that on October 9 both will marry.

“I already have everything ready, we are more than ready to celebrate with our friends and family,” said Perroni, in addition to the fact that different media outlets have said that the wedding will take place in Mexico, since that is where their family lives. who are more than happy to share that important date with them.

He also assured that he will not have bridesmaids, but that both Anahí and Dulce María are invited to the celebration.

After her statements, many Internet users began to speculate the reasons why the actress “urges” to get married, because some believe that she is pregnant and others think that it is too early to even think about the wedding.

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How did the love between Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar arise?

The couple made their relationship official in October 2021

Although they were friends for 20 years, it was last October 2021 when both announced their courtship through their social networks, which was involved in controversy as rumors pointed to her as the third in discord between the producer and his wife Claudia Martin.

That is why Maite Perroni decided to sue an entertainment news magazine that stated that this was so, in addition to denying this rumor, arguing that they were both single and decided to give themselves the opportunity, and that is how the relationship arose.

Almost a year later, the couple will marry on October 9 in a celebration that, according to the actress, will be very intimate and where there will be no media exclusives.

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