They criticize Mauricio Ochmann for taking his girlfriend to the same place where he married Aislinn Derbez

This weekend Mauricio Ochamnn Y Paulina Burrola They starred in a romantic meeting in Tepoztlán, Morelos, from where they shared several images in which they posed in love, however, in addition to being criticized for traveling with his current girlfriend to the same place where he married, they also received comments in the who assured that, more than a couple, they look like father and daughter.

After several weeks of staying away for his different activities, this Saturday and Sunday the protagonist of ‘Hazlo como hombre’ and ‘El Chema’ reappeared with his young girlfriend in a heavenly destination located in the state of Morelos.

How nice to meet you in this life Paulina Burrola and to be able to share with you Tepoztlán, a place that I love and have been my home for many years.“, The actor wrote at the bottom of the image in which both appear embracing and smiling at the camera.

Despite the fact that the image registered more than 400 my “likes” in a few hours, the embarrassing moment came when a large number of fans remembered that it was precisely in this same place that he married in 2016 with Aislinn derbez, for which he was ruthlessly attacked and reproached for disrespecting his current partner and the mother of his daughter Kailani.

Even if Mauricio Ochmann prefers to ignore criticism, he responded in a subtle way to his detractors with a message published in one of the stories on the same social network where he wrote:

“Only those who are unable to stop living in the past will bring bitterness and hatred to the present.”

And it rained on the actor, since another criticism he faced was when they assured that the model does not seem his girlfriend, but his daughter.

“How pretty your daughter is”, “How pretty your daughter got !! Congratulations ”,“ Your daughter is super pretty ”,“ How pretty your daughter ”,“ Is she your daughter or your girlfriend? ”Were just some comments.

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