They criticize the Senate Christmas Tree, without spheres but with plumes

The Christmas spirit is already being felt, so the Senate of the Republic began with the December decorations, however, they took a tremendous surprise with the “pine” that they mounted, so in the end after a photograph of him in networks, They criticize the Senate Christmas Tree.

It turns out that the pine generated controversy and much criticism, as well as ridicule about how it looked, since it practically did not have spheres, nor lights, but it did have plumes.

On AmericanPost.News We have made known the design of the Christmas trees that many artists have placed, an example was the Christmas Tree by Andrea Legarreta, but when a beautiful Christmas design was expected in the Senate, it caused surprise among those who come to work there and in the networks.

They criticize the Senate Christmas Tree

They criticize the Senate Christmas Tree, without spheres but with plumes

This is what the Christmas Tree of the Senate of the Republic looks like. “Dear Santa..coatl?”

Let us highlight that the Christmas tree is a very Mexican proposal, where instead of adorning it with spheres, they used a snake and an image of Quetzalcóatl, as well as colored plumes and a giant plume at the top of the tree, replacing the star of Belen.

It should be noted that the tree has not been finished decorating, but just seeing it has not been to the liking of some senators, mainly the opposition. But things did not stop there, since they also criticize the Senate Christmas Tree from social networks.

In order not to go through it, here we leave you Ideas for a decorated Christmas tree.

Senate Christmas tree the laughing stock of social media

“Dear Santa..coatl?”

The first to criticize the Senate Christmas Tree are politicians, an example of this, Senator Lilly Téllez who, from her Twitter account, did not hesitate to criticize ”I congratulate the 4T on their Christmas tree in the Senate; It is the living and faithful portrait of Morena. Do not make fun, it is real, this is exactly the 4T: vipers in Silent Night, “he wrote.

For his part, the PAN, Juan Pablo Adame wrote: “The terrible taste has already reached the Senate, just look at the Christmas tree they prescribed for us.” While users were not tempted and said everything for the Christmas decorations, some even recommended seeing TikTok tips:

  • “I don’t know who is more offended, if the spirit of Christmas or Quetzalcóatl with the Senate tree.”
  • “The Senate tree offends at least two cultures simultaneously.”
  • “The Senate Christmas tree is the most horrible thing I have ever seen.”
  • They got creative in the Senate, a Christmas tree with a plume sparks criticism.
  • “Dear Santa..coatl?”

These have been some examples of how they criticize the Senate Christmas Tree through social networks.

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