They cut 300-meter rosca de reyes in Yucatan prison

Persons deprived of their liberty in the Center for Social Reintegration (Cereso) of Mérida, participated in the development of a 300 meter rosca de Reyes long, which they themselves cut and tasted inside the prison.

Residents of the site and prison authorities organized, as every year, the preparation and cutting of the traditional bread, on the occasion of the Holy Kings day, as part of the actions of coexistence, teamwork, promotion of productivity at work and empathy towards traditions.

For its preparation, the in-house bakers required around 30 inmates turned pastry chefs, with the support of assistants and cookbooks, they took on the task of capturing the ingredients, preparing, decorating and baking the parts corresponding to the gigantic thread.


Around 30 residents of Cereso were in charge of making the traditional bread

For this occasion, they had thousand 200 kilograms of flour, 25 of anise, 280 of vegetable shortening, 250 of sugar, 25 of ground cinnamon, 75 of acitrón, 30 of butter and 24 of both magimix and yeast and vanilla, as well as 120 liters of milk, 78 egg grids and two thousand dolls.

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The elaboration of the rosca de reyes at Cereso has become not only a tradition, but in one of the actions that arouse the greatest interest among inmates, both for the taste of the product and for the wide possibilities of coexistence.

The celebration was carried out respecting all health protocols and preventive measures, as instructed by the authorities of the Yucatan Health Secretariat (SSY), to avoid contagion before new Covid-19 variant, which is already present in Yucatán.

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