They declare Pablo Montero “persona non grata” for his birthday serenade to Nicolás Maduro

Venezuelan exile declares Pablo Montero persona non grata.

Photo: Manuel Guadarrama / Matias Delacroix / Getty Images

After his surprise appearance at the birthday celebration of President Nicolás Maduro last Tuesday, November 23, Pablo Montero He already defended himself from the criticism that rained down on him and wanted to distance himself from the controversy.

It was through a statement that the singer explains the reason for his participation in the event, justifying that he does not interfere in the affairs of other countries and that “as an artist he has no party, no flag other than Mexican music, which is universal” .

“I do not interfere in conflicts that in this case may exist in that sister country, I only hope that they can soon resolve them in peace, because of the love I have for Venezuela,” he added.

However, this Wednesday, November 24, the Organization of Political Persecuted Venezuelans in Exile (Veppex) announced that it declared Pablo Montero “persona non grata” for having appeared at the Miraflores Palace and acting for the Venezuelan president at his party birthday.

“Pablo Montero unfortunately acts on him and ingratiates himself with an individual who is accused of drug trafficking, has an investigation in the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity and violates the human rights of Venezuelans. With this action, Montero distances himself from the oppressed people of Venezuela ”, expressed the president of Veppex, José Antonio Colina.

And he added: “This deplorable performance occurs only two days after an illegitimate election carried out by the dictatorship and this artist joins the stars who have gone to applaud Maduro’s international criminal such as Steven Seagal, Bonny Cepeda and Danny Glover” .

It should be noted that this has already taken its first consequences, as it has caused Pablo cancellations of contracts and events, according to his representative.

“The cancellations of contracts and events began due to this issue… As it is a matter of international politics, obviously there have been certain consequences. He handled it with great discretion, he did not tell us anything. We had no knowledge until now that the whole situation has happened … I want to make it clear that the only interest that Mr. Montero has had is to represent ranchera or Mexican music in the world and that people know it and can enjoy it “, he commented in an interview for the program ‘De Primera Mano’ Mariana Gutiérrez.

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