They denounce for alleged sexual harassment Pedro Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s father

They denounce for alleged sexual harassment Pedro Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s father

Jenni Rivera’s father faces sexual harassment lawsuit.

Photo: Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

A new Scandal again targets the Rivera dynasty after the recent accusations that arose against his patriarch.

The news is circulating that the father of the late singer Jenni Rivera, Pedro Rivera, was denounced in the United States for sexual harassment towards a woman who would have worked with him for almost two decades as a royalty manager.

According to information issued by “Suelta la Sopa”, the accusation was filed by the unidentified person on November 3, 2020, this after suffering undue touching and without consent during work days in Pedro’s company, located in the state of California.

Don Pedro was also charged with 10 other accusations., among which are: unjustified dismissal, intentional imposition of emotional stress and non-payment of salary.

The lawsuit reads: “He (Pedro Rivera) violently grabbed her arm and shook her while falsely accusing her of leaking information about her family to the press”, As announced by the Telemundo program.

What the plaintiff is asking for is a trial with the defendants, but also financial compensation for damages, attorneys’ fees, costs of the lawsuit, and any other additional relief that the court deems fair.

Finally, it is known that Chiquis’s grandfather was unaware of these facts, so he denies each of the accusations.

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