They denounce Walmart for selling pirated AirPods during the good weekend

The Good Weekend brought with it a gigantic wave of offers on household appliances and other popular items, however, also several frauds, either due to misleading advertising or fraud in stores, something that happened in Walmart.

A consumer denounced on social networks the fraud she was a victim of at Walmart during the Good End, where she acquired some Air Pods, which were not original, however when she complained to the company, it did not pay attention to the demands.

Through her Twitter account, the user Ces Heredia He denounced the fact that he lived in Walmart, for which they have received countless criticisms on social networks, they have also informed Profeco of the fact so that they do something about it.

Walmart sued for selling pirated AirPods

This was the complaint that the affected party shared on Twitter Walmart Airpods could begin to be returned

According to the statements of the affected, her mother went to a Walmart branch to buy some Apple AirPods, which began to fail almost releasing them, so he went to an Apple store to request assistance, however it was there that he learned that the AirPods were not original.

After realizing this, the woman tried to contact the store, who did not respond to the request, decided to report the fact to Profeco, an organization that received more than 472 complaints in the first days of the Good End, this being in Walmart one of them.

What to do with a fraud case in El Buen Fin?

Walmart Airpods could start to be returned

We inform you in The Truth News that like the woman, the best thing to do is report the fact to the Profeco, so that the company receives the corresponding sanctions for the poor quality of its products or misleading advertising.

So far the affected party has not received a response from Walmart, neither the store that sells the popular wireless earbuds AirPods of illicit origin was not revealed though, since it was speculated that several more people were victims of this fraud.