They deny rumors about the death of former deputy Pedro Zarrizales “El Mijis”

Through the Twitter account of Pedro Carrizales, “The Mijis”it was reported thatthe rumors are false of what was found without life to the ex-deputy of the Congress of San Luis Potosí.

Last Tuesday it was reported, again, the disappearance of “El Mijis”who was last seen in the Hotel Las Fuenteslocated in Saltillo, Coahuila.

After that, the news was circulating since the early hours of this Thursday, in which it was ensured that he was found lifeless a few minutes from the federal highway 53.

They deny the rumors of the death of “El Mijis”

“The rumors on social networks that say that Pedro Carrizales Becerra “El Mijis” has been found dead are false” assured in a Twitter message

“At the moment there is still no news of his whereabouts”points to the account with the nickname in the @mijisoficial account.

By last thank those who share the noticebecause they are worried or aware of the whereabouts of the former local deputy of San Luis Potosí, Pedro Cesar Carrizales Becerra.

Yesterday, the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office issued a search card to locate “El Mijis.” His whereabouts are unknown from the day February 1st when left Saltillo where he was passing through and spent the night in a hotel.

Versions circulated last night on social media that Carrizales’s body had been found to one side of the federal highway 53, section from Mina, Nuevo León to Monclova, Coahuila. In the Attorney General of the State of Coahuila (FGE) They denied that version, although they have not yet given an official report.

The messages were published in an account of the newspaper “El Heraldo de Coahuila”, a medium that does not exist. Francisco de la Pena Davilaeditor of the newspaper “The Herald of Saltillo”denied the alleged note.

“We have already sent a complaint to Twitter because that is false and also that medium does not even exist,” he said.

The last thing that was known was that Pedro Carrizales was in Saltillo Y left for MonterreyNew Lion.

Who is Pedro Zarrizales “El Mijis”?

They call him El Mijis and in the elections of July 1 in Mexico he was elected local deputy of the state of San Luis Potosí (northeast).

It was the winner driven by the coalition Together We Will Make Historythe same as the president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. However, Pedro César Carrizales Becerra He is not a typical politician.

Since young was introduced to the world of the gangs of San Luis Potosíin which he became addicted to drugs and alcohol, in addition to He has been in jail several times as he himself admits.

He is the leader of the Popular Youth Movement, a state organization in San Luis Potosí that promotes social programs and employment activities for the youth immersed in gangs.

His movement was created in 2002 in order to “prosecute street kids” and members of 240 gangs in the country.