They despise the “Commander”: Chelsea do not want Cristiano Ronaldo, they report that his ego could bring problems to the team

Zero and two go: Although Manchester United says that Cristiano Ronaldo will not leave the team this season, the reality is that the Portuguese player could say goodbye at any time he finds a place in a club that allows him to play in the Champions League; However, there are already two clubs that have ruled it out.

First it was Bayern Munichwhich through Oliver Khan he refused to make an offer for the player, due to the fact that it did not suit the team’s philosophy. As well, Now it’s Chelsea’s turnsince your DT, Thomas Tuchel recently asked his board not to bid for the Portuguese player, since he does not want him on his team.

Chelsea was originally one of the teams interested in “El Comandante”, they even offered 16.5 million dollars, but the Red Devils asked for $17 million, before which, According to Skysports reports, Thomas Tuchel asked his bosses not to reach the price requested by Manchester.

According to the same medium, the DT’s argument was that he preferred to invest in other players and that the Portuguese could bring a lot of problems to the team due to his career and ‘ego’.

All this despite the fact that the only signing that the team has tied up so far is that of Raheem Sterling, for whom they paid $55 million fixed dollars, plus $10 million in variables.

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