They destroy Ninel Conde for recommending drops to lose weight to children

Ninel Conde is one of the Mexican beauties currently back in the spotlight of criticism on social media, after she advertised her new weight loss product.

It turns out that the actress used her Instagram profile to talk about a few drops containing green coffee bean extract and that, she claims, speeds up digestion and reduces the urge to eat.

Weight was not what caused the beautiful Ninel Conde to confuse her followers, but rather that she recommended this miracle product to minors, since some ingredients were considered inappropriate for children and adolescents.

Ninel Conde’s bad recommendation

“I took my drops to control hunger and anxiety […]. They are 100% natural, so children 14 years and older, something like that, well, very good. It helps them with everything, it helps them go to the bathroom better, if you go to the bathroom more you don’t gain as much weight”.

That is what the famous vedette Ninel Conde says through a video and that is that the drops promoted by the singer also contain extracts of coffee beans, Garcinia Cambogia Fruit extract, green tea, African mango and other fruit essences, according to what she mentions herself.

That is why Internet users have pointed out that caffeine can be harmful to minors. In addition, they commented that it is not healthy to motivate children to lose weight or include them in the beauty standards promoted by the star.

What harm does caffeine cause?

Drivers Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain spoke about the issue and cited the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which states that foods containing caffeine stimulate the central nervous system and can cause increased pressure. blood so it is not recommended that children consume it.

“This is a product that has a caffeine content, caffeine is one of the products that will stimulate the central nervous system and, in turn, other types of diseases, such as, for example, increased blood pressure, which is much feared and that can cause great effects, of which a type of medicine that contains caffeine can be quite risky for a child”.

That was what Dr. Cristian PĂ©rez commented, invited to the program and the specialist emphasized that all medical products that are for weight loss are not allowed for children, so the promotion of the Ninel Conde product is not well recommended.