They discover a new giant planet; challenges what is known about planet formation

A new planet in the solar system has been discovered, it has a mass 10 times that of Jupiter and questions what astronomers knew so far about the formation of the planets. This new finding was published in the journal Nature and represents a great scientific advance.

The planet has been called b Centauri (AB) b, or alone b Centauri b, is approximately 325 light years from the constellation Centaurus and orbits the binary star system “b Centauri”, which is visible without a telescope.

The mass of b Centauri is at least six times bigger than the sun, making it the largest system to host a planet. In addition, its main star is three times hotter than the sun and due to its high temperatures emits large amounts of ultraviolet radiation and X-rays.

New planet casts doubt on astronomers’ knowledge

The planet is far from its central star It had already been detected 20 years ago

Even before this new discovery, astronomers they did not believe that it was possible that planets existed near such large stars Due to its impact on the gas and the rapid evaporation of materials that float near or around, however the discovery of planet b centauri b reveals that it is possible despite the very “aggressive” environment.

Markus Janson, an astronomer at Stockholm University and lead author of the study revealed: “Type B stars are generally considered to be quite destructive and dangerous environments, so it was believed that the formation of large planets around them should be excessively difficult.” .

Notably b Centauri b is one of the largest planets detected so far, it also travels through one of the largest known orbits. Its distance to the central stars is 100 times greater than the distance between Jupiter and the Sun. It is believed that it is thanks to is far from the stars that make up the system that has managed to survive. Now scientists are investigating how it was formed.

What is a planet?

It had already been detected 20 years ago

A planet is a celestial body that revolves around a star. It is shaped like a sphere and does not emit its own light. Has enough mass for gravity to compensate with pressure, and form a spheroid structure.

The discovery of the new planet b Centauri b represents a great advance and, curiously, it had already appeared in files and images about the system b Centauri for 20 years, although at that time it was not recognized as a planet.

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