They discover a new species of predatory dinosaur 3 meters long

Paleontologists have discovered a new species of dinosaur, thanks to the remains found in the Isle of Wight, UK. The bird-like dinosaur was named Vectiraptor greeni and, according to studies, it was a very strong and dangerous predator.

The Vectiraptor greeni, resembling a bird, it would have been a threat to both the small dinosaurs and the young of the larger species.

If you want to know more about the new discoveries of dinosaur species, below AmericanPost.News He shares with you this great find that expands the antecedents of dinosaurs for scientists.

Characteristics of the new species of dinosaur

They discover dinosaur called Vectiraptor greeni Vectiraptor greeni lived in the Cretaceous

After analyzing the bones found on the south coast of the island, the scientists determined that it is a ancient relative of the Velociraptor. According to studies, this species of dinosaur would have been a threat to both small dinosaurs and the young of the larger species.

The predator it was about three meters long from nose to tail, and apparently it had large claws and serrated teeth to kill its prey.

Although only fragments of its skeleton have been preserved, the evidence suggests that Vectiraptor belonged to a group of dromaeosaurids. These feathered carnivores were specialized hunters.

Nick Longrich, the scientist who led the research at the Milner Center for Evolution at the University of Bath explained: Bones are thick-walled and huge. Clearly, he was not hunting small prey, but animals as big or bigger than himself.

How long ago did Vectiraptor greeni live?

Vectiraptor greeni lived in the Cretaceous

The dinosaur would have lived in the early Cretaceous 125 million years ago. It remained buried in the rocks until 2004, when it was found by collector Mick Green, in whose honor it was named. Thanks to their input, scientists had the opportunity to discover a previously unknown species.

In addition, it is the first case of a new species of large predatory dinosaur found on British soil. According to Longrich, the discovery of this specimen is an encouraging indication of the diversity of dinosaurs in England at this time.

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