They discover a rare dinosaur in Argentina, it had shorter legs than the T-Rex

70 million years ago, a carnivorous dinosaur moved on its powerful hind legs and had tiny forearms, but it was only recently that scientists rare dinosaur discovered in Argentina, which prowled in the Gondwana supercontinent, in a region that today comprises the north of Argentina.

The discovery was made in the Los Blanquitos Formation, in the province of Salta, by the team led by Professor Anjali Goswami of the Natural History Museum in London.

Although the T-Rex is famous for its ferocity that contrasts with its small front limbs, scientists discover a rare dinosaur in Argentina from the line of abelisaurids who hold the record when it came to short arms.

Rare dinosaur discovered in Argentina

The abelisaurid fossil had short legs with limited mobility. Do you know how long ago the dinosaurs lived? Scientists discover rare dinosaur in Argentina.

The discovery shows a partially complete skull of the dinosaur and reveals that it is an abelisaurid, a group of carnivores that moved bipedally with highly developed hind legs, in contrast to their small front limbs with limited mobility.

Abelisaurids were effective predators that used the power of their bite to capture their prey. But what is different about this fossil is the fact that the skull of the individual appears to be up to 70% smaller than other previously described species.

This suggests to paleontologists that it was probably a juvenile since it does not even have horns like the famous Carnotaurus, the most famous species of the family.

How long did dinosaurs live on Earth?

Do you know how long ago the dinosaurs lived? Scientists discover rare dinosaur in Argentina.

The appearance of the dinosaurs is located about 240 million years ago. His reign lasted for approximately 180 million more years.

It was until just recently, relatively speaking, about 65 million years ago, which completely disappeared from the earth.

Characteristics of the rare abelisaurid from Argentina

Scientists discover rare dinosaur in Argentina.

Study co-author Goswami says: “This new dinosaur is quite unusual and it has several key features that suggest it is a new species, giving us important new information about an area of ​​the world we don’t know much about.”

He added that “This discovery is a sign that the dinosaurs that lived in this region were quite different from other parts of Argentina.”

The team suggests that the abelisaurid may have been a close relative of the earliest dinosaurs in the group and was therefore described as a new species: Guemesia ochoai.

Just as they now discover a rare dinosaur in Argentina, the Natural History Museum, London, points out what is now Argentina is a key point in the discovery of abelisaurids. There is a record of 35 species described throughout the territory, especially in Patagonia.

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