They dismiss ex-participant of ‘Exatlón’, Kelvin Renteria, as a traitor in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

Few inhabitants remain within “The House of the Famous”And the game is getting more intense every day. The participants day by day reveal themselves to their peers and the strategies they use to advance.

However, a move that has caused outrage on social media is the nomination of Kelvin Renteria toward Manelyk González. For the fans who follow the program, they know that the participant of “Acapulco Shore” has a “crush” with which she was a participant of “Exatlón United States”.

Manelyk has shown Kelvin that he likes him but the latter does not respond to his affections. Kelvin claims to have someone outside but it’s someone he doesn’t talk about much. Despite that, Kelvin is not indifferent to Mane and they spend a lot of time together.

In fact, when Kelvin was the leader of the house, he chose Mane to share the leader’s room for the entire week. Their playful friendship had been perceived as genuine.

But everything has collapsed after the nominations on Thursday. Kelvin gave Manelyk 1 point which in the end hurt her because she was nominated. Kelvin’s reason for nominating Mane is for the simple reason that he didn’t come in from the start, an excuse several have used as well. Let us remember that Mane entered to cover the place of Kimberly flowers who left the house.

Social networks have turned against Kelvin after this incident and they already call him a traitor because with Mane he is always cute and this nomination was like a stab in the back.

“Apart from making us dizzy to give those points, Judas fell short,” wrote a fan. “Mane deserves someone better because they can say what they want but she is loyal,” replied a follower. “It is a false never [imaginé] I was going to give Manelyk points, ”wrote another fan. “It was well known that Furcio wanted to use Mane so that he did not nominate him, that super false” friendship “on his part never believed that interest in her”, it was also possible to read between the comments


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