They dismiss the director of the Progreso police, accused of assaulting a woman

The mayor of Progress, Julián Zacarías Curi, reported that the director of Public Safety and Municipal Transit, Emiliano Raúl Caamal Gutiérrez, was ceased of his position and, in addition, an administrative audit was opened.

In addition to his dismissal, it transpired that the leader of the police He was allegedly detained in the Yucatecan capital by elements of the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) for attacking a woman while intoxicated and with a firearm. woman.

Supposedly, the head of the Progreso Police attacked a woman in Mérida. The management of the former police chief in Progreso was quite controversial.

However, due to the aforementioned fact, the municipal president of Progress He made no allusion and only commented that the paradigm in terms of public security is changing with the times and the strategy cannot remain immobile.

“We have invested a lot in terms of vehicle fleet, training of elements, as well as in coordination with the SSP with the installation of video surveillance cameras,” said the mayor among the reasons for which he relieved Caamal Gutiérrez from his position.

In the same way, Zacarías Curi said that Progreso demands quality public services and no municipal director has the position assured, so the changes will continue until the optimal results are obtained.

Regarding the audit, the mayor mentioned that tomorrow, Monday, this administrative process will begin and, while a permanent owner is appointed, a dispatcher will act as head of the police force.

Controversial management in the Progreso police

The management of the former police chief in Progreso was quite controversial.

And it is that the management of this police element at the head of the Progreso corporation was controversial, since in June 2019 it was temporarily suspended by the Progreso mayor for a video circulated on social networks.

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The video showed cops municipal authorities, in front of a private property, trying to remove a motorcycle from its access, with unclear intentions. At that time, a noncommissioned officer assumed ownership on a provisional basis.

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