They do not give truce, forest fires in Argentina occur in eight provinces

Argentina.- At least eight provinces in Argentina face forest fires in part of their territories, while others present partially contained claims, reported this Sunday the National Fire Management Service.

According to the daily report, the provinces of Salta, Catamarca, Córdoba, Santa Fe, San Luis, Mendoza, Buenos Aires and Río Negro are the districts facing forest fires.

In the Santa Fe region, it is affected by active fires in the departments of Santa Fe and Vera, while in Río Negro the area that has been affected is the Lago Martín Complex in the department of Bariloche.

As for Córdova, it was reported that the incident was located in the department of Sobre monte, and in the province of Buenos Aires there were damages in Zárate.

This type of incident has caused great concern among the authorities and residents. According to the secretary of Environmental Control and Monitoring, Sergio FederoviskyForest fires have been increasing due to drought and high temperatures.

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According to a publication in El Clarín, the official said he was concerned, considering that the situation that Argentina is experiencing is “very adverse from the climatic point”, as the country is facing two consecutive years of drought, which have led the government to declare a water emergency in some regions.

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